Fall 2016 Simplicity and New Look Patterns

On the whole I don’t find the new Simplicity and New Look patterns to be terribly exciting, although I will say that the Vintage reprints are rather nice.  Not much new in terms of silhouettes or styles, but there are some new lingerie patterns, which is interesting, and lots of new costume patterns from Simplicity.  Let’s take a look:


I think the Vintage patterns are clearly the stand-outs in this release:

S8242 – Love this 1940s pattern; very evocative of the era.

S8243 – Another great 1940s style.

S8244 – I’m also digging this 1950’s style dress.

S8245 – This is my favorite pattern in this release – the 1950’s style jacket is fantastic.

S8246 – I’m not usually a fan of 1960s styles, but I am rather liking the longer coat here.

S8221 – I’m rather partial to this fitted shirt dress by Mimi G.

S8222 – I’m also digging this coat and jeans pattern by Mimi G.  Really digging the quilting on the jacket.  Perhaps my recent visit to the International Quilt Museum and Study Center (which I need to do a blog post about) is influencing my tastes right now.

S8213 – Fairly simple dress pattern from the Project Runway line, but it is nice.  Not sure I need to add it to the stash, but it looks like it would be fairly easy to sew and flattering to a lot of body types.

S8214 – Another Project Runway pattern.  I’m actually rather liking the jumpsuit styled to look like separates.

S8212 – Leggings!  Because we can never have enough.

S8215 – Not loving this tunic top… Something about the sleeves is throwing me off.

S8216 – Liking the proportions on this tunic a bit better.

S8217 – Not sure if this looks like a cool coat or a stylish bathrobe.  Thought?

S8218 – Fairly simple cardigan/vest pattern.

S8219 – This is a “2 hour” pattern.  I wonder if that factors in the time you need to clean up after cutting faux fur?

S8220 – I’ve seen similar skirt patterns before, but I still like this style.

S8223 – The raglan shirt is pretty basic (and obviously sized to look better on a dude), but all the Mickey Mouse appliqué options are pretty cute.

S8228 – This lingerie line is new!  I’ve not sewn my own undergarments before, but I’m sort of tempted to try it.  Not sure that this would be the pattern for me, but I kind of want to add it to the stash anyway since it is difficult to find halter style bras.

S8229 – Another lingerie pattern.  I’m sort of liking this one too.  I really need to stop watching Atelier on Netflix… I’m making me want to jump in the lingerie game.

S8230 – Aprons.  Meh.

S8231 – A basic dress.

S8232 – Vintage aprons.

S8233 – I’m thinking this costume pattern is trying to mimic the Lolita style of dress that was big in Japan a while ago.

S8234 – A stylized Alice in Wonderland costume.

S8237 – She wouldn’t be complete without her Mad Hatter and White Rabbit.

S8235 – I’m thinking I might want to add this men’s costume pattern to the stash.  The full coat has some nice details.

S8238 – Capes.  I don’t think I need this, as I’ve got several cape patterns, but it’s not bad if you are looking for a cap pattern with collar variations.

S8239 – Nemo!  Is apparently a huge deal with the under 5 crowd, so I predict this patten will be very popular.

S8241 – I can also see this kids costume being well liked.  Lots of variations, including a very basic looking Rey costume, which is all the rage right now.

New Look:


NL6481 – LOVE the jacket in this pattern.  The trousers aren’t bad either, but it is all about that jacket here.


NL6479 – Are caplets making a comeback?


NL6474 – The waterfall front coat is a popular design in a lot of the fall releases.


NL6476 – A bit simple, but might be good to showcase a patterned fabric.


NL6475 – Don’t think I really need a poncho this fall.


NL6471 – This is a pretty simple raglan top, but I like it.


NL6472 – Basic tunic top.  Meh.


NL6470 – The proportions here are a bit much for my taste.


NL6477 – Digging this skirt though!


NL6482 – Boring.  Maybe it’s the color?  It’s still boring.


NL6469 – This style of dress seems to be really popular at the moment.


NL6468 – Fairly bored by this dress/jumpsuit pattern, though it might look really cute on a person.


NL6467 – Another very basic dress design.


So, what do you all think?  See anything that gets you really excited to sew for fall?  Or is this release full of a lot of passes?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Fall 2016 Simplicity and New Look Patterns

  1. That first new look jacket? It is sewn and hanging up waiting for photos! 🙂 I love it. I need to tweak my bust dart a bit but the style is so cool.

    I was underwhelmed by the Simplicity release and like the boring New Look dress but that tan fabric is so sad.

    Looking at your picks though, I do like a couple of those skirts!


  2. The only pattern that I really like is S8217, you know, the coat that looks like a bathrobe, for a bathrobe. The ties being attached would really work for me. I would make it full length though, and wouldn’t a sleeveless robe be awesome for hot summer mornings?

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  3. I feel like there is so much to say about what amounts to very basic patterns that didn’t really get me excited. And there are too many capes and shapeless jackets.

    The vintage patterns are nice, as you say. And I feel like there are hidden gems among the New Look patterns that are suffering from really underwhelming envelope art. I too like the 6481 jacket – it’s like the Grainline Morris jacket in feel but with more shaping.

    The one pattern that really does intrigue me is the jumpsuit made to look like separates. I could see myself wearing that to work for something different.

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  4. I am really disappointed with the Lingerie-Patterns. Not only are they in style you can buy anywhere, but they were designed for small busts on purpose, because the “Designer” has a small bust, or something. As if there wasn’t enough affordable, pretty options for the smallchested lot.
    Anyhoo, I feel drawn to to the matching coat and dress patterns from the 50s and 60s. And I would rather like that men’s costume coat for myself, to wear everyday. But I think am FBA alone won’t cut it… Lol

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  5. 8233 is cosplay from an anime Black Butler but it’s from like 2009 or something so is it even still popular? Someone at simplicity thinks so. Here is the original basis

    ALL these costume patterns are cosplay. Why can’t they make original designs of costumes anymore? I am disappointed as always.


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