Fall 2016 Butterick Pattens

The 2016 fall collection from Butterick is here!  On the whole I feel like I am most excited by the vintage reprints and historical costumes, but there are a few more modern designs that I think are quite nice.  Let’s see what we’ve got:


B6374 – Love this Retro Butterick pattern!  Definitely going to have to add this one to the stash.

B6379 – Another Retro pattern – the curved pockets on the jacket are a nice detail.

B6380 – Also really liking this Gertie pattern – the neckline is a flattering shape, though it may be a bit low-cut – I’d definitely have to do a muslin of this one.

B6390 – A jean jacket by Gertie.  I’ve actually been thinking I want to make a denim jacket lately, not sure if this is the pattern I’d use, but it is a nice option.

B6382 – A little french jacket inspired pattern.  I actually really want to make view D – I’ve got the perfect fabric in the stash too!

B6385 – A lisette pattern.  Nice straightforward coat pattern.  It’s classy.  I like it.

B6384 – I wasn’t in love with this when I saw the model photo, but views C and D are growing on me – I love this idea of a colorful contrasting band on a more serious colored coat.  This one will probably be joining my pattern collection as well.

B6383 – Not my personal style, but I do like this idea of making this in something fancy and wearing it over a big poofy ballgown…

B6394 – A Fast&Easy pattern.  Actually really like the color blocked style and the version with the hood – the fact that it is a quick and easy sew might be giving it points too.

B6393 – Not loving the ruffled sleeves, but the cardigan has a nice drape on the model.

B6392 – Poncho/vests?  Pass.

B6391 – More ponchos.  Although I think the version in the model photo is styled well, I think I get enough rectangular patterns from Burda, so I’m good.

B6381 – Katherine Tilton.  I’m not sure that the shape of this would look good on me, but the subtly asymmetrical color blocking is kind of cool.

B6386 – Lisette.  I really want this pattern!  The exercise jacket would be a fun excuse to sew with interesting technical fabrics.

B6375 – I like the shape of this shirt.  I’m on the fence if I need to add it to the stash, but I do like the silhouette, and the seaming is interesting.

B6376 – Oversized button front shirt.  I can skip.

B6377 – Asymmetric knit tunic.  I actually sort of dig it.

B6378 – A bow front blouse.  I’ve got enough similar styles in the stash, but I do like the variations available here.

B6388 – Love the tops/dress options in this wardrobe-ish type pattern.

B6387 – The dress is cute, and should be pretty easy to sew.  Reminds me a lot of the Vogue 9149 I just made.

B6389 – I’m getting the feeling that the waterfall front vest is a strong trend for Butteick this year.

B6395 – A Connie Crawford button front dress.

B6396 – Connie Crawford knit top.

B6399 – Love this Downton inspired Making History dress.  I’m going to miss that show!

B6400 – The pleated back on these jackets!  Swoon!

B6398 – Gloves are always such a pain to sew!  But they also always add that perfect touch to an outfit.

B6397 – Oooooh, hats!

B6365 – See & Sew.

B6366 – See & Sew.

B6367 – See & Sew.

B6368 – See & Sew.

B6369 – See & Sew.  More ponchos.

B6370 – See & Sew.  See – it’s a thing this fall.

B6371 – See & Sew.

And that’s it!  On the whole I feel like I am most excited by the Retro Butterick and Making History patterns, and of course the coats (I am weak and predictable).  Anyone else have anything they are dying to make from this collection?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Fall 2016 Butterick Pattens

  1. Not sure I will be grabbing that many of these, I have patterns that are at least sort of similar, and they can easily be altered. But, the historic jackets, B6400, those I NEED! Too awesome to not grab. I foresee a venture into pattern shop land in the near future.

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  2. Not too much in this collection that attracted me. I do have the Connie Crawford top on the way to me and 6388 tops/tunic (mini dress?). I found the denim-style jacket in the Gertie pattern odd. Why is it lined? Why does it look weird?? It’s a denim colored wool. Which explains why I found it a bit ‘off’!

    I want to like 6375 but the side belt/flounce/whatever is throwing me majorly.

    The Making History patterns are pretty cool


  3. Hah, those Making History Jackets might solve my FBA-on-Mens-Pattern Problem. But do I want to wear a Bustle to the office?


  4. Today I`ve got my order inside, the Gertie patterns and the Lisette coat. As you, I need a new denim jacket and this one looks pretty, the Gertie dress-I like the neck line and the Lisette coat I bought because it has cup sizing and I am hoping to be a quick fit.

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