Summer 2016 Vogue Patterns

The latest collection from Vogue is here, and I have to say that it is an interesting mix of fancier party looks and casual summer styles.  As with many of the pattern collections lately – I’m not overly wow’d by many of the patterns, but on the whole I think there are some solid releases that could be very popular wardrobe pieces.  Let’s take a look:

V1495 – Probably the standout gown in this release.  Interesting possibilities for wedding gowns or fancy party dresses here.

V1506 – Tom and Linda Platt.  I’ve been really liking a lot of the jumpsuit releases lately.  Which is funny because 2 years ago I couldn’t stand the idea of them.  I really like the neckline here, and I’m totally digging the sequined jumpsuit idea.

V1498 – Nicola Finetti.  Interesting neckline and seaming.  I might have to add this one to the stash.

V1497 – Tracey Reese.  The print hides the design in the model photos, so its a bit hard to tell if it would look like a cool design feature or just a lot of excess fabric in a solid.  I’m interested to see if anyone makes this up on Pattern Review.

V1499 – Anne Klein.  Nice dress for summer; interesting use of stripes here.

V1500 – Anne Klein.  Another dress that is pretty similar to other styles we’ve seen before, but would still be really flattering for a summer look.

V1496 – Today’s Fit by Sandra Betzina.  Sack dresses aren’t really my thing.  ‘Nuf said.

V1501 – Rachel Comey.  A bit sack like for me, but for some reason I expect a great version of this to sweep the internet sewing community.  Don’t know why.

V1502 – Tracy Reese.  Groovy man.

V1503 – Rachel Comey.  Not a fan of the ruffle on the left.  What is up with those pockets on the right?

V1504 – Today’s Fit by Sandra Betzina.  Actually sort of like the longer vest, but I don’t think I really need this pattern in my collection.

V1505 – Zandra Rhodes.  Could be a good pattern if chiffon cardigans are your thing.

V1507 – Rachel Comey.  The pants are interesting, but I think I’ve got similar design lines in some of my Burda magazines.  The top is a bit ruffly for me.

V1508 – Zandra Rhodes.  The actual designs look pretty simple, but I think it looks very effective in the model photo with the obi style belt.  Not sure how I feel about the two-tone pant trend that’s been happening for a while.

V1509 – Anne Klein.  Simple, but very wearable.

V9181 – Very Easy Vogue Custom Fit.  Ooooh, I want to see how the different fits work for this pattern.

V9182 – Very Easy Vogue Custom Fit.  Pretty basic summer dress, but nice to see that it has fit options.

V9183 – Very Easy Vogue Custom Fit.  So 60s.

V9184 – Very Easy Vogue.  Snooze.

V9186 – Kathryn Brenne.  Intrigued by the line drawing, but not sold on the model photos.

V9185 – Another pattern where the line drawings look cool, but the model looks a bit overwhelmed by fabric in the photo.

V9187 – Vintage Vogue.  Nice vintage shirt.

V9189 – Vintage Vogue.  Pairs nicely with the shirt release.

V9188 – Kayla Kennington.  Again – so much fabric!

V9190 – Marcy Tilton.  Actually really like these jackets.  Perfect for something light to wear in the summer evenings.

V9191 – Five Easy Pieces.  So. Much. Fabric.  I mean, I love me a wide-legged pant, but really?

V9193 – Marcy Tilton. Meh.

V9192 – Really love some of these, and mildly terrified to wear some of the others.  Might be intrigued to play around with the shapes and adding some structural integrity if you know what I mean.

V9194 & V9195 – Linda Carr.  Kind of adorable.

So…. are we sick of pattern releases yet?  See anything here that knocks your socks off?  Does this seem like a very blah season for summer fashion?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Summer 2016 Vogue Patterns

  1. I am certainly not sick of your review of the releases… This was a bit boring though, no? Is Vogue geared towards an older crowd?
    I was only intrigued by the Sweetheart Dress and the Swimsuits… What are those coverups, though? A Skirt and Jacket?
    I just checked the pricing… Well maybe not, including shipping that would be too much for a “maybe”pattern.


    1. I always wait until they are on sale at a local craft store – I’m willing to spend $5 on Vogue if I like it. I only buy online for out of print patterns because the shipping is a lot.


  2. The little jackets by Marcy (9190) are winging their way to me soon. Dahlia, being a member of the older crowd, I like Vogue designs. Boring maybe, style possibility yes.


  3. I guess I’m “older” at 57 – but most of these are way too sack like for me. I’d get lost in all that fabric. I’ve just picked up Vogue 1499 on sale. There’s a lovely version on Pattern Review. The only other one I’d wear is 9187. Maybe the pants from 9189, perhaps something from 9190, but don’t feel like paying the full price for a maybe.

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