Spring 2016 McCall’s Patterns

The latest patterns from McCall’s are here.  On the whole I am a bit underwhelmed by this release (there are a lot of tunics).  On one hand, lots of things that look very wearable for the spring/summer transition.  On the other, not a whole lot that’s inspiring me to pull out the fabric.  Let’s take a look:

M7350 – This looks like a pretty simple knit dress, but it also looks like it would be easy and fun to wear.  Love how the length can make it a bit more elegant.

M7349 – Fairly basic style, but some interesting possibilities with the color or print blocking options.

M7351 – A/B, C, D Cup Sizing.  I like this style, but I also feel like I’ve got similar patterns already in the stash.

M7348 – Learn to Sew for Fun.  Sack dress.  Meh.

M7352 – Palmer/Pletsch.  Very similar style lines to 7349.  Flattering, but basic.

M7353 – Nancy Zieman.  Another basic/learn to sew type pattern.

M7355 – David Tutera.  Looks like a lot of what’s been coming out on Project Runway/Project Runway Junior.  I can see it being quite popular with the younger prom crowd.

M7366 – Love this!  I doubt I could pull off the open slit style (A) without some major engineering going on under the jumpsuit, but I still like the style a lot.  I’m very tempted to mix the top of view B with a wide-legged jumpsuit pattern.

M7356 – Peplums continue to be a trend.

M7358 – Laura Ashley.  Actually think this looks pretty cute, though I always worry about the cross-over style blouses for myself.

M7357 – A/B, C, D Cup Sizing.  Might actually need this one for an upcoming project.  I really like the shaping on the tunic.

M7360 – Basic tunic.  Looks a bit blocky on the model.

M7359 –   Interesting idea of print blocking, not exactly sure the seam line falls in the most flattering location.

M7361 – A bit voluminous for me.

M7362 – Love the line drawings, not as sold on the model photo.  Definitely could be useful if you want the drama of the sleeves.

M7365 – Interesting jacket/shirt pattern, especially when made in the sheer.  I feel like I’ve already got other patterns that are similar though.

M7368 – Khaliah Ali.  Not really sold on the asymmetric jacket.

M7367 – Khaliah Ali.  Pretty cute!  I think the jacket/dress combo is very flattering.

M7363 – This skirt pattern looks pretty simple, but I love the model photo.

M7364 – Learn to Sew for Fun.  Nice, easy to sew trousers and shorts for summer.

M7354 – The Archive Collection.  Apparently pipped seam details are the trend this month – Simplicity had a similar retro release.

M7373 – Yaya Han.  Love the volume on this jacket – lots of ways to change this up into a different style or even into a dress.

M7384 – Yaya Han.  Swoon.  Gotta love a man’s coat with lots of seam lines.

M7370 – Doll’s clothes.

M7369 – Laura Ashley.  Really like the shape of these handbags – could be very stylish if there were made in a different material.

So, on the whole, not a bad release, but nothing really exciting either.  The standout from the regular patterns is definitely the jumpsuit, but I have to say that for me the Yaya Han cosplay patterns are the other impressive patterns in this release.  So, what do you all think?  See anything you want to sew this spring?  Or is this a rather unremarkable release?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

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