2016 Spring/Summer Burda Easy Magazine

The Spring/Summer issue of Burda Easy has been posted on the Russian website.  The Burda Easy magazine always has fewer (usually simpler) styles than the monthly magazines, but it always has better instructions, so it can be a good place to start for Burda newbies.  The summer issue has a lot of fairly generic stuff going on, but it’s worth a look:

big (55)

On the whole the dresses in this issue look pretty simple in terms of sewing, but also look like they would be the sort of dresses that would see a lot of use in a wardrobe.

There are a lot of variations on the v-neck craftan style pattern in this issue:

Some cute options if you are looking for a peasant blouse style tunic or dress:

Interesting bodice on this dress – and a cut out in the back?  I’m intrigued.  The second variation with the bust bow is a bit… much, however.

Sort of want to see the pattern pieces for these shorts/pants:

Skirts seem a bit generic for this issue:

And that’s it.  I’m not overly excited by anything in this issue, but I’m usually not for the Summer Burda Easy.  A couple of the dresses look like they hit a nice balance of easy to sew and practical to wear during the summer, so who knows what sudden inspiration might hit when the temperatures hit triple digits, but for now I’m more intrigued by styles from the regular monthly issues.  Any Burda Easy fans out there?  Do the detailed instructions win you over?  Or do the simpler styles put you off from the magazine?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

3 thoughts on “2016 Spring/Summer Burda Easy Magazine

  1. Some of those schmattes look good to me. I live in the Southeast US, and it’s steamy for 3–4 months a year. Having a breezy outer layer is A Good Thing.


  2. I bought their regular magazine now, and after looking at the crazy pattern pieces I am thinking this might have been more my speed. 😛
    But a lot of the patterns remind me of the “draft it yourself” instructions you see floating around Pinterest. I had good success with those a couple of times, though the drafting took longer than the sewing. Buying this issue might be worth it time/money wise.


    1. Yeah, the first time through a Burda pattern is kind of an adventure. But I usually love the results, and I don’t mind the crazy pattern pieces and drafting. Others are very put off by it, but I find tracing patterns sort of zen. Unless they are printed in orange on a Patrones pattern sheet 😉


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