New-ish Simplicity Patterns

The latest patterns from Simplicity have been released.  Since the Simplicity website is not at all helpful, I somehow missed the initial release and I’ve fallen back on using Pattern Review to look for new patterns.  Which means that these are probably old news at this point, but I figure for posterity sake I’d post them anyway.


S8086 – Cynthia Rowley.  Very “on trend” in terms of silhouette.  I expect it to be quite popular, especially with the younger crowd.


S8094 – Mimi G. dress pattern.  Sort of really want one for summer.


S8093 – Love the jacket, the top, and the pants.  One of the few patterns where I want to make ALL THE THINGS.


S8096 – Cute Amazing Fit dress, I’m enjoying the vintage inspiration.  Not sure I need it in the stash, but I like it.


S8094 – Interesting how we’ve gone from “Project Runway” patterns to “Inspired by Project Runway” patterns.  Not much of excitement in this tunic pattern for me.


S8095 – Knit jumpsuits.  Interesting to see all the ways the twisty-ties can hold up this jumpsuit.  I sort of wonder how well they will stay there.


S8089 – Tunic tops.  I predict this one will be popular.

The rest of the tops and bottoms are a bit unremarkable:


S8085 – Love the back detail on this retro reprint.


S8113 – Gotta love how McCall’s and Simplicity are upping their cosplay game.


S8114 – Steampunk costumes.


S8111 – YAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Don’t know where I can get me a David Tennet look-alike doll, but its got the shoes!  And the glasses!  And the fez!  And the bow-tie!  Which is awesome.  Cuz bow ties are cool.


S8112 – The doll designs have been really intricate lately.


S8108 – Aside from the fact that being able to sew a backpack seems like a really cool skill to possess, these Avengers designs are too cute!  I may be thinking about making at least one of these as a wedding gift.  You know.  Because that is the sort of mature adult thing married people need.  And stuff.

Despite the fact that most of this release seemed like it was for kids, there is actually some good stuff among the regular patterns.  And if you like the cosplay/licenses/toy sort of patterns (like I do) then there is actually a lot of really fun stuff in this release.  Is there anything you guys can’t live without adding to your stash?  Or do you skip over all the “toy” patterns like the Doctor Who and Marvel licensed patterns?  Looking at my wishlist I feel like I need tips on how to adult better.  Feel free to discuss this pattern release or my dubious choice of entertainment in the comments!

2 thoughts on “New-ish Simplicity Patterns

  1. 8099 view B is extremely similar to a RTW top that I *LOVED* and owned 3 or 4 of…and then made a pattern from and have made a few more! I think it’ll take someone making it up and then people will realize how cute/flattering it is 🙂

    No ‘wow’ moments for me in this release. I do like the tunic with the split sides but not so sure I need to buy it.


  2. Yay thank you for your efforts- I’ve given up going to their burning garbage heap of a website 🙄
    Nothin’ really special this time and we’re heading into winter so… (the mimi patterns look nice but they have mimi on them 😒 and I have similar Burda stuff already). The backpacks look cool (but they’re prob tiny?)

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