Holiday Gift Sewing

I’ve started making it something of a tradition to create hand-crafted gifts for my friends during the holidays.  Last year I made some awesome scarves, and this year I wanted to keep the hand-made tradition going.  I knew I wasn’t going to have a ton of time to make things, and I wanted to do something that could maximize geekiness and minimize cost.  So, naturally I turned to Google and asked it to find me quick gifts to sew.  It returned a few awesome tutorials, including this one for business cards, and this one for mini wallets.

The problem with this project is that, the more gifts I made, the more gifts I realized I should make…  I have to admit that the number of important people in my life seems to be growing, and, while that’s a good thing, it makes it very difficult to finish holiday making in a timely manner!  I ended up making several trips to JoAnn fabrics (to pick up more snaps, usually), but it was worth it because I’m really happy with how my gifts turned out (and my friends seemed pretty excited too).

Tote bags I made for my mom and grandmother!  I used the same Craftsy class tutorial that I used earlier last year.

A wine tote for my sister!  All part of a large in-joke, as her job as maid of honor for a friend’s wedding is just to bring the wine.  Done up in the wedding colors.  I feel bad because I’ve lost the link as to where I printed out the instructions from, but I think it was a link on a Craftsy blog post.

So many wallets and business card pouches!  Although the mass production aspect made this a time consuming project, making either of these individually would have been a great quick project, and fun way to use up scraps of material.  (Side note: the business card holders are also the perfect size to carry spare lightsaber batteries.  Just in cases.)


So many gifts!  Glad I got them all done in time for the holidays, even though a few of them still need to be delivered!

2 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Sewing

  1. Oh my! I started the practice of baking small to medium fruit cakes for all the significant adults involved in my kids’ year. I have three kids so that was a lot. Then one year my husband asked for some for his colleagues too. That year there were 25 cakes, I started baking in September!

    Now two of the kids are in secondary school and my husband has fewer colleagues who appreciate cake. So I’m down to 10 cakes, including the family ones. My family joke that they know their level of importance because of the size of their cake.

    Not sure I want to go down the rabbit hole of sewing gifts for people.

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