New Year, New Patterns! First New Vogues of 2016

I’ve been so busy with the holidays I haven’t any time to catch up on all the recent pattern releases, and I’ve reconsidered my plan to do one massive assessment, so rather than this being a very image-heavy-photo-dump-more-sewing-patterns-than-you-can-handle sort of post, I’ve decided to string it out over the next few days.  Figured I’d start it off with Vogue because, why not.  Work is insane right now, so I am too exhausted to have any sort of justification for anything I’m thinking at the moment.  Which, clearly, is the best state to be in when writing a review post.

The new Vogue patterns are, on the whole, pretty decent, though I don’t think there is anything I’m absolutely dying to get right away.  It’s the usual smattering of designer patterns and non-designer classics, most following some very popular trends.

V1481 – Kay Unger.  Pretty; I like the opening on the back.  Nothing really inventive here, and I think I’ve got other patterns that don’t have the pleating at the hips with similar necklines, so I don’t think I need this in my stash, but it is a nice offering.

V1485 – Bellville Sassoon.  Kinda digging this one.  I like the proportion of the dress, and I like the jacket.  Maybe not together, but I’d still wear either of the pieces in this set.

V1490 – Nicola Finetti.  Not loving the proportion here.  It makes the body seem… compressed?

V1486 – Nicola Finetti.  Ooooooh.  I like the skirt.  Not a huge fan of crop tops, though with all the planks I’ve been doing in PT, I should be a bit more comfortable showing off my abs.  Or something.  Anyway, I can appreciate the crop top/circle skirt vibe that’s been really popular the past few months, and I can easily see mixing these pieces with other items in a wardrobe.

V1489 – Donna Karen.  Oddly liking this one.  Maybe because it gives off a faintly fantasy costume vibe?  Looks like it would be awesome for the summer in any case.

V1488 – DKNY.  Interesting?  I love the details on the back of the shirt, and normally I’m a fan of a knotted detail, but the overall shape of this shirtdress is a bit boxy for my taste.

V1487 – DKNY.  Liking the skirt, but not with such a boxy top.  The shirt would look cool with a pair of skinny jeans though.  (Where’s Waldo chic!)

V1492 – DKNY.  Another where I like the culottes, but not with such a boxy top.Top could be interesting with different pants.

V1484 – Zandra Rhodes.  Not loving this one, but I can definitely imagine that some cute variations could pop up on the internet and convince me otherwise.

V1491 – Zandra Rhodes.  Yeah, I don’t think the front/back color blocked pants are my thing.

V1482 – Rachel Comey.  From the line drawing I think: Interesting.  From the model photo I think: Pass.

V9168 – Kathryn Brenne.  Pretty!  In white swiss dot it would be very Marion Ravenwood (from Indiana Jones).  Could also see it done in a lovely silk.  Mmmmm.  Really loving the vintage inspiration here.  Yes, this one will be added to the stash for sure.

V9173.  I’m sort of obsessed with this skirt, but I don’t know why.  It’s the sort of think I know I’m not going to use, but really want in my stash anyway.

V1493 – Koos van der Akker.  Ok, so normally I’m like the Koos van der Akker patterns are totally nuts, but I LOVE this!  LOOK AT THOSE SLEEVES.  JUST LOOK AT THEM.  I’m getting this pattern just for the sleeves.

V9174 – Marcy Tilton.  I couldn’t care less about the boxy top, but I need those leggings.

V9176.  Want.  The pants look awesome, the tank top is PERFECT to wear under jackets and blazers, and the longer jacket looks classy and comfy and easy to make.  This pattern is on my list.

V9175.  I’m liking the color blocking options here, but debating if I really need this pattern.  The garments all look great in the model photos though – very modern.

V9171 – Marcy Tilton.  Lots of volume, but pockets are cool.

V1494 – Today’s Fit by Sandra Betzina.  The detail in the back is an interesting way to make use of the edge of a skin.  I sort of like the lines of the jacket.  Not sure if I need it in the stash, but, I’m thinking it could look pretty swanky in a nice wool melton.

V9167 – A, B, C, D Cup Sizing.  We’ve seen this a million times, but now it has cup sizing, so that’s a bonus.

V1483 – Today’s Fit by Sandra Betzina.  The neckline is kinda cool, but I’ve seen other jumpsuits I’ve been more excited by.

V9169 – Kinda want to see how this hangs on a real person in real fabric.  Interesting concept though.

V9170 – Bit boxy for my taste, continues the color blocking trend.

V9166 – A, B, C, D Cup Sizing.  I could see the top being a useful wardrobe item.

V9172 – Yes, I’ve got lots of pencil skirt patterns, but I like the way this one looks, so I’m giving it a yay.

V9178 – Some decent bag options.

V9179 – Mary Jo Hiney.  I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a wrist pincushion, but it would probably be cuter if I made it.  The dragonfly is adorable, but that dress form looks so complicated!

 And that’s it!  On the whole nothing really outstanding in this collection but everything feels very on trend and modern, if somewhat derivative of past patterns.  Really digging the maxi dress and wardrobe pattern, but there are also a couple designer patterns on my radar.  Definitely going to add a few of these to my collection when they go on sale, but nothing that can’t wait for me to finish some other projects first.  What do you all think?  Are you particularly loving the designer styles this time around?  Or is this a snooze fest of forgettable fashion?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

5 thoughts on “New Year, New Patterns! First New Vogues of 2016

  1. A nice roundup! A couple of tempting patterns in there but I’m going to be good and work through my stash for now.. Definitely pinning your post to come back to when I’ve earned another pattern haul though! 🙂


  2. I like what you had to say about most all the pattern, I think you did a great job of summarizing them. I took a quick glance at them all and was kind of underwhelmed but them but then when I read your comments about them and looked them over a little more I agree with what you had to say about most of them. Good work, I enjoyed you post!


  3. Woo the second Finetti skirt and the crazy waste of fabric black skirt. Nowhere to wear either too, but they both look awesome.. Actually one of my Xmas gifts was tickets to things at the recital centre.. hmmmm…😈Will check ’em both out at the next pattern sale but Vogue so rarely goes on sale here…


  4. I picked up 9170 and will make it in a solid as a short sleeve shirt. It has a bowling shirt vibe! I also got the wardrobe collection as I think the top and pants are terrific. The Koos jacket definitely will be in my closet next winter-I will work on iterations over the hot summer here. I like a number of these patterns.


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