Sewing Goals 2016

At the end of the year I always like to look ahead and set out sewing goals for the next year.  I haven’t been very good about finishing them, but it at least gives me a chance to see what I’m thinking about, and what patterns I’m excited about sewing.  Looking back, I have to be honest that my style hasn’t changed much – the patterns I wanted to sew 3 years ago are the same patterns I want to sew today.  Sure, my list has gotten longer, but I think it is interesting to see that much of my style taste has remained the same.

It is also interesting to see how it has changed.  I’m far more open to the idea of blousey tops and less structured coats than I was a few years ago.  Interesting how seeing trends for a few years can change your eye.  I’ve also found jumpsuit patterns and culottes that I’m sort of excited to try.  I know, I know – try to contain your shock.

This past year I feel like I’ve spent more time/money/effort investing in my supplies and equipment than I’ve actually spent time sewing.  As such, I didn’t get very far with last year’s sewing goals:

(1) An awesome coat.  Like any kind of awesome coat.  I’ve got so many ideas!  And patterns!  And fabrics!  I just want to make at least one of them.

PARTIAL YAY!  Does an awesome blue jacket count?  I think it counts.

(2) Cosplays!  I would like to do at least one day at one convention in cosplay this year.  Because sewing needs to be fun again.

BOO.  I didn’t actually get anything accomplished, though I did help my sister throw together a pretty awesome Halloween costume.

(3) The Elaine coat.  I’ve been promising this to my sister for 2 years.  The pattern plans have changed, but the inspiration and nagging haven’t, so this needs to happen.

NOPE.  Still need to make something awesome for my sister.  I should try re-fitting that muslin…

(4) Skating practice costumes.  Seriously, the seamstress shouldn’t be wearing costumes full of holes.

SIGH.  Didn’t happen.  No longer as high on the priority list, though more general purpose exercise tops and leggings wouldn’t be amiss at this point.

(5) A ponte pencil skirt.  I keep wanting to wear one, but I do not have one.  It shouldn’t be that hard!  It needs to get done.

FAIL.  I still need one.  BUT I do have a pattern traced, so that kind of almost counts.  Sort of.  A little bit.  Maybe.

Seeing as how unsuccessful my goals were from this previous year, I’m not sure how realistic it is to set goals for the next year, but, as I said, this is more to have a snapshot of my thoughts in this moment, so here is what I’d like to get done:

(1) Cosplays.  I have the ideas, and the fabric, and even some of the accessories.  I also have a specific goal/deadline date and a partner in crime.  I also have a much more ergonomic cutting table and an excitement about this project that I haven’t felt in quite some time.

(2) Pants.  I need pants, and I have a lot of patterns I want to try.  This is a purely practical desire.

(3) An awesome coat or jacket.  So much of my favorite fabric is designated for coat or jacket patterns I’ve been wanting to sew together.  I’m excited to dig into my stash and make something awesome.

(4) More Geeky Sewing Projects.  I’ve had the most fun sewing silly projects with ridiculous and fun fabric lately.  Not always the most practical sewing, but doing quick projects has gotten me back in the sewing mode, and I want to keep up anything that has been fun of late.

(5) A Nice Party Dress.  Or Two.  Or possibly a dress and a sexy jumpsuit.  Lots of exciting events coming up this year (weddings and such) where I’ll be expected to look presentable.  It would be nice to have a few things to throw on when I have to get all gussied up.

Stretch Goal: A Corset.  I really want to learn how to make a nice corset.  I’ve watched videos, read books, researched materials…  I just need to bite the bullet, buy the supplies, and just make the thing.

So, yeah, again, not a long list for this year.  I still have a lot of commissions I’ve got to get finished, so I expect I’ll be busy sewing the first part of the year, though I’m not sure how much of it I’ll be blogging.  I don’t think my sewing goals are too unreasonable, and since most of my plans are somewhat practical I hope it will provide more motivation for me to actually accomplish some of these this year.

All in all, looking back, 2015 was a year full of ups and downs, but for some reason I’ve got an oddly positive feeling about 2016.  Will I get more sewing done?  Hard to say, but I’m excited to find out.

Happy New Year!

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