New Simplicity and New Look Patterns

Continuing the new pattern round up, today I’ll be looking at Simplicity and New Look!  The fact that Simplicity has updated their website (pretty, but not totally functional) has been delaying my review, as I’ve been waiting to see what the new releases look like.  It seems that Simplicity has posted the latest from New Look, but have not updated their Simplicity catalog as of yet.  I’ve also had intermittent success using the “New Patterns” tab – though it seems to be working now.  Hopefully the website will be fully updated and functional soon.  In the meantime, let’s take a look at the new patterns that have been released:


I’m actually pretty excited by a lot of the new Simplicity patterns, especially the vintage dresses, costume pattern, and the new pants patterns.  Definitely more than a few of these patterns will be following me home from the next major pattern sale:

Love this vintage release!  Props for the Agent Carter styling too.  The seaming on the dress is gorgeous and I have to add this to my collection.

Really liking this look from Mimi G.  The maxi would look AMAZING in a fabulous stretch velvet or sequin jersey, though I think the shorter version is probably more wearable.

Not usually a jumpsuit fan, but this one is winning me over, at least the long version.  I’ve yet to find a romper I actually like.

Another pattern I need to add to my collection. Love the neckline/back on the red one.  Also of note: This pattern is going to come in larger sizes!  Yay to Simplicity for expanding their size range!

I like the way this dress looks on the model, but I don’t think I like it enough to need to add it to the stash.

Another fairly basic dress pattern.

Usually not a fan of the boxy 60s style, but the neckline drape is a very pretty detail.

Vintage apron?  I think I can pass.

Ummm…. yeah.  I’m not underwhelmed, but I’m not really overwhelmed either.  Just whelmed.

I want those pants!  Jacket and skirt aren’t too bad either.  But the pants!

More pants!  I’m liking the flare/wide leg look coming back into style, totally my favorite kind of pant.


Vests are ok, nothing too exciting though.

Another button down shirt.  The mixing of fabric for the hem is a nice/different/interesting detail.

Looks comfortable.

Basic pattern, nothing too exciting here.

On my list.  Love the Rey/Daenerys/kick-ass fantasy chic options here.

Oddly intrigued by how the pieces could be used in other costumes…

ADORABLE!  I need the penguin/turtle/elephant pattern.  Need.  Said penguin may need a rocket ship to fly in though.  Hmmm.

Lots of cute doll pattern this time around!  The coats in 8071 are particularly nice.


Also, check out the pattern release from Project Runway Junior!  It was based on a challenge inspired by Simplicity’s vintage patterns, and though I think this is vaguely reminiscent of the teal reprint pattern from the previous release, I’m all for Simplicity encouraging young designers, and will probably add this pattern to my stash.  And also probably make the short version of the dress, because, cute!

New Look:

Not as excited by the latest from New Look; it all seems like patterns we’ve seen before.

Project Runway Workroom patterns.  Both dresses look easy to make and comfortable to wear in the summer, but neither is particularly innovative.

The sheath dress is nice, and I like the back options on 6208, but, again, very similar silhouettes to patterns I already own.

The hem and cut outs are a bit much on the teal dress, but I predict the knit maxi pattern will be popular for summer.

Easy wardrobe pieces, sort of meh patterns.

Blousey tops.  I’m sort of meh on these.


Burda News:

The German website has posted a first look at the new envelope patterns:

It’s Burda, so I know I’m going to be a bit obsessed when the full catalog comes out, but so far I’m really liking the striped dress (lower left).  Can’t wait to see more!

And that’s it.  So, what do you all think?  Is Simplicity knocking your socks off?  Or is this a release just for those of us who dig vintage/costume patterns?  Anyone else excited by the slow return of the flare-legged pant?  Or are you more excited by the simple, classic shapes offered by New Look?  And who’s excited for the summer Burda patterns?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

5 thoughts on “New Simplicity and New Look Patterns

  1. Nothing tickles my fancy. Am sure I have the New Look 6209 one. Exactly the same cover image. Got it either last year or the year before. Maybe they are re – releasing.


  2. Yay, thank you so much for posting the new Simplicity releases, I’ve been putting off visiting their site for fear of stabbing myself in the eye to end the pain.. Augh Simplicity’s goddamned new website. Nothing works (especially not the latest release section).
    I wrote them a three page missive about what needs fixing (pattern numbers should be visible on all images WTF, that is a basic requirement!).
    Having said that-the Cynthia Rowley pattern is very cool-I love her combo stuff, it’s so useful.I bought her tunic and tights 1104 and ponte dress and tights 1304 patterns from the last offering. The pants will be too much effort to get the bells right (I’m petite) so unless it’s petite-able I may wait for burda to come out with something similar in their petite line. Burda have some cool things in their latest release (pretty much all of their evening wear stuff is awesome and their wedding section has some vintage reissues that would work as evening wear in other colour). While at the pattern shelf this sale season I noticed they’ve a huge selection of maternity (which seems to be a recent development as to my knowledge they only used to have 1-2 envelope pattern for that range in the past) some of which are quite cute styles that non-preggies could reasonably get away with wearing..


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