Cosplay by McCall’s and Yaya Han Patterns

I’m sure this is old news at this point, but McCall’s has a new website dedicated specifically to Cosplay.  It looks like a good place to find some of their older costume patterns, and a few new website exclusives!

They have a new pattern line by popular cosplayer Yaya Han, currently with two patterns to choose from:

M7218 – LOVE this peacock gown.  Gorgeous.
That tail is stunning.
M7217 – Thus bodysuit is a great pattern to have as a cosplayer –
very useful for so many superhero costumes.

It’s great to see McCall’s embrace the cosplay community and have new patterns that are geared towards the needs of cosplayers.  I’m very excited to see what they do with their new website – hopefully adding tutorials, customer designs, and more cosplayer inspired patterns in the future.  Anyone else excited about the new Cosplay by McCall’s?

One thought on “Cosplay by McCall’s and Yaya Han Patterns

  1. I wonder how these patterns will be drafted. Are they on a normal sloper, or are they based on Yaya. (If she's the cover model, the patterns would have to be significantly altered from the normal sloper; which seems misleading of what is INSIDE the pattern. But of course, her body type is pretty atypical)


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