Newsflash: June Burda Preview Posted

The full preview of the June Burda is up on the Russian website.  As far as magazines from this year go, I have to say that this month is possibly one of the better ones,  Which isn’t saying much – it’s been a pretty weak year.  But there are definitely a few more designs that I’m digging from this issue than I have from issues in the past few months.  Let’s take a  look:

The bomber jacket isn’t a particularly different pattern from Burda,
but the lace makes it rather interesting.  I like it.
This simple sheath doesn’t look overly exciting from the font…
…but the back is a bit more exciting.
I don’t know if I could rock it with the tennis shoes though.
Another simple sheath dress, but I like it.
A bit more interesting with the color blocking and lacing on the sides.
Not sure how I feel about the crazy sleeves on this dress…
…loving the short sleeved variation though.
Another knit dress that looks like an easy summer sew.
Probably needs a bit of length added though…
This dress looks pretty comfy for the summer.
Not much to this maxi dress…
It looks pretty nice with a belt though.
This dress looks like it belongs in a 50s dinner on Route 66.
Awkward color blocking – not a fan.
This jumpsuit looks so 70s – and I love it!
I’m not really a huge jumpsuit fan, but this pattern may have won me over…
Although this fabric choice looses major style point.
Not a fan of the shorter version.
These shorts are the sort of thing that look interesting on the model,
but I can’t imagine wearing in real life.
Really not a fan of the cut of these pants either.
I’m not loving the overall shape of this top, but the collar is really interesting.
I may have to frankenpattern…
The Plus section is a bit of a mixed bag this month:
The photo of this dress looks a bit frumpy.
But the model photo isn’t too bad.
And the solid tunic length actually looks sort of cool.  Hmmm…
Slightly more interesting than a basic t-shirt – always helpful to have in the stash.
Ok, I’m sort of obsessively in love with these culottes, and I don’t know why.
I mean, they are just cool looking!
I sort of want to try to make a pair of full-length trousers out of this pattern now.
The scallops on the hems make this coat pretty interesting.
This dress looks like it would be a good summer staple.

And that’s about it.  Overall, not the most exciting set of patterns, but proportionally more good stuff than we’ve had in recent months.  Which means it is time to make to picks for the top and bottom patterns for June.  Although there are a few patterns I actually really liked in this issue, in the end I’m giving Best of BS for June 2015 to:

Golden jumpsuit!

I’m not usually a big fan of jumpsuits, but, this pattern may have changed my mind.  Especially the model photo – it’s just so stinking elegant.  Much as I’m having an odd fascination with those draped culottes and a few of the dresses, for me this pattern is the stand-out from this issue, despite the fact that it’s cousin in the clown print was on my short list for worst pattern of the month.  Speaking of which, my pick for BWTF June 2015 goes to:

Color blocked sack dress!

Not much that I can’t say I like about this one.  It sort of looks like an oversized doctor’s smock, especially with the colors they chose.  The proportions are just awkward, and I can’t really imagine it looking flattering on anyone.

So, what do you all think?  See anything good in this issue?  Or is it just as dull as all the other issues we’ve had so far this year?  What are your top and bottom picks?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Newsflash: June Burda Preview Posted

  1. I loved the Plus patterns this month, but I think I'm in the minority 😉 They look very late 70s/early 80s in a good way. The tunic, the culottes, and the simple coat with the scalloped hem are gorgeous. Great styling and simple, but pretty patterns.
    The standard sized patterns seemed pretty messy to me. A few of the knit dresses are cute and I think the jumpsuit is very cute, but those pants- ohhhhhhh nooooo.


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