Magazine Review: July Burda

The craziness of the competitive skating season is here, which means I’ve been doing a lot of sewing, but not a lot of posting.  There have been several pattern releases, including the July Burda, which, I have to say, is probably my favorite issue of the year so far.  And that’s saying something about the excitement of the recent magazines considering that July is usually one of my least favorite issues of the year.  But, happily, there are a fair number of exciting designs this month!

The dresses are definitely where it’s at in this issue:
LOVE this maxi.  Super elegant.
Also loving this dress – it has a nice slightly retro feel.
Also liking the version with sleeves.
And I’m oddly drawn to the tunic as well.
Simple dress for summer.  Cute.
Love this open backed dress!
This designer dress is also very cool looking.
Love the stripe matching on the skirt.
We’ve seen this style before…
Frumpy ugh.

There are also a lot of separates for summer – though most are not quite as exciting as the dresses.

I’m oddly drawn to this top, impractical as the sleeves may be.
Basic tank.  Very wearable.
Peplums: not yet dead.
I love the little cropped blazer – interesting proportions.
Not loving the longer version quite as much.
I’m sort of liking this skirt.  Basic, but a nice shape.
The sixteenth century called.  They want their shorts back.
Not loving this romper.  It looks really baggy on the model.

The Plus section is full of some goodies this time around:

This is similar to one of the ruffly dresses from the spring issues.
This maxi looks very practical for summer.
Love this gown!  The garment photos do not do it justice.
The line drawing is a bit odd, but I do like the garment/model photos.
Loving these jeans!  Groovy man!

And that’s about it.  Most of the issue is something of a snooze, but there are a few dresses I’m definitely excited about.  Which means it is time to pick the best and worst for the month.  It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, but Best of BS July 2015 goes to:

Stunning Maxi!

The neckline, the flow of the skirt, the appearance of ease – total winner!  This is a pattern that makes me want to sew.

BWTF was similarly easy to determine:

Fugly romper.

I can’t find a nice thing to say about it.  The proportions are just off for me.  Not a fan.

So, what did you all think?  Find any winners this month?  Or is Burda still on a string of misses for you?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

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