Newsflash: July Burda Early Preview Posted

I know – I haven’t even posted the full June review yet.  It’s been sitting in my Drafts folder for a while, because I’ve hit crunch time – I’m busy with work, sewing, and skating right now.  But it’s half finished, and will be published soon, with any luck.  In the meantime, here is a quick post about next month’s issue – you can see preview images on the German and Russian websites.  Overall I have to say July is not overly exciting to me – looks a bit like an extension of the June issue – but there are a few patterns I’m a bit partial towards already.

This maxi dress looks stylish and cool for summer.
A bit shapeless, not a fan of the hem ruffle.
Sort of liking the shape of this dress…
…but I LOVE it with the shorter sleeves.  This is going on my list.
I think Burda has done similar styles better in the past.
Not a fan of the pleated pants.
Oddly liking the top, even though it would
probably look a bit frumpy in reality.
Cool photo, bit meh on the outfit.
Me likey.
Another one for my list.
Simple, but effective – I like it.
This top is quite open in the back, which doesn’t bother me,
but the slit on the side is also quite high.  Hmmm….
Looks pretty demure from the front though.
Plus tunic is sort of meh.
Not loving the top, the pants look nice.
Awkward ruffle placement.
Look – preview of all the line drawings!
I’m excited for a few of the dresses, and maybe that cropped jacket, and the one pair of plus pants.  Not so much by the rest of it.  Overall looks like a sort of meh issue again.  Of course, the full preview could still sway my mind…

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