Newsflash: Burda Plus Spring/Summer Early Preview

The German and Russian Burda sites have both posted early preview pictures of the Burda Plus for Spring/Summer 2015.  Most of the images are clear re-prints from many previous year’s issues.  There are a few new photos, but the patterns might be repeats.  In any case, I don’t think I will be needing this issue, as I have a fairly complete Burda collection, at least from the past few years, but for those who only use Burda Plus, it looks like they made some nice pattern selections this time around.

Really like this printed blazer.

Nice choice for a reprint.
New photo, but shortened version of the above coat?
Can’t tell if this dress is new – too dark in the photo.
Basic tunic, not sure if this is a reprint.
Definite re-print from a few years ago, but it is a nice style.
Most of the styles are not new.

There are more preview photos at the links, but other than the black/white/jungle photoshoot, I believe most of the others are direct re-prints.  Going to be a pass for me, but I do think the selected patterns are, in general, a nice assortment of styles for spring and summer.

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