Newsflash: New McCall’s Patterns Posted

I have barely started any holiday sewing (and I’m still drowning in commissions), and work has been a bit crazy lately.  Not to mention all the holidaying (and food making for said holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), so my blogging has gotten a bit behind the times.  Which is why it is crazy to think that McCall’s has already put out their Early Spring Pattern Collection, and yet, here it is.  When I looked at the overview images I thought I would get through a release without wanting any new patterns, but a lot of the alternate views and line drawings have swayed my mind.  I don’t think there are a lot of new designs here – we’ve seen most of the trends in the past several releases, and there isn’t much new with the silhouettes, but there are some surprisingly fun details hidden in this release.  Let’s take a look:

M7081 – Love this dress!
The gathering on the front, the collar, the fluffy skirt –  all in all a very fun dress for spring.

Also love the sleeve variations on view D.
M7084 – Button front shirt-dress.  Although the silhouette is similar to the design above,
the button-front and skirt godets make the pattern fairly different.
Personally, I’m liking the cross-front dress more, but I think this dress has some nice details as well.
M7080 – A basic sundress.
Not sure how I feel about the multi-teared skirt, but I do rather like view D.
M7089 – A Designer Joi pattern.  The overall shape is simple,
but I do rather like the styles lines and use of color blocking here.
M7085 – Basic sheath dress, but it has some nice options.
I do rather like the sweetheart style neckline.
M7088 – A Tracey Reese Plenty pattern.  Looks like another nice style for spring.
Not sure how I feel about the under-bust seams,
but the rest of the design is nice and simple, great for a fun print.
M7083 – I wasn’t too fond of this design at first –
something about the proportion of the sleeves I’m not in love with…
… but I’m in LOVE with this sketch of view A.
Yes, it is just a basic princess seamed bust and pleated skirt, but I’m really liking this dress anyway.
M7091 – I wasn’t completely in love with the short version of this dress…
… but as a full-length gown it is lovely!  I may have to pick it up just for this view…
M7090 – A Create It! pattern.  Cute, but we’ve seen a lot of similar designs.
The alternate view isn’t doing much for me either –
though it may be the way the overlay is fitting in the bust.
M7082 – For some reason this striped dress isn’t exciting me much,
though I do think it is cool that the stripes are created with different fabrics –
could be very fun to mix solids and prints.
Perhaps one of the sleeveless versions would be a bit more exciting?
M7087 – An Archive Collection pattern.  Cute!
Not sure I would wear it myself, but I hope to see other versions on the blog-o-sphere.
M7087 – Second variation.  This could be a cute spring sundress, as well as a cute vintage make.
M7086 – Another from the Archive Collection.
\Liking the Mad Men Styling going on here.
I like the other variation in this pattern quite a bit too.
M7100 – This zip-up sweater is cute!  Fabric choice could make it a
good pattern for those with picky teens, and for those of us who are a bit more… mature.
M7092 – A Palmer/Pletsch top.
I really like the style and bust gathers – very flattering!
M7094 – I really like the collar of this relaxed blouse.
Not sure I like the overlapping flappy back…
… but the hems on views B and D could be fun to play with.
M7095 – Another loose blouse top.  I really like the lace detail,
but I’m not loving the overall tent-ness of the rest of it.
I think I’m liking it with the waist gathering more than the version above.
M7093 – Another loose blouse, though the seaming
and pockets make this fairly interesting.
M7099 – I’ve never been much of a jumpsuit girl, but this looks pretty slick.
Very similar to some of the Burda patterns we’ve seen in the past.
There are definitely a few bloggers who could totally rock this.
M7097 – Giant fluffy skirt!
Look at view C!  So. Much. Sewing!
M7096 – A McCall’s Easy pattern. Simple design, but looks very wearable.
Love the options for pencil skirts too.
M7098 – Trousers.  Fine, but, not overly exciting.
M7101 – When I first saw this I was like, what?  No.  I can’t be. 
But it is!  It is the “sexy” Elsa!
Which is somehow way less sexy than actual Elsa.
Seeing it as a Sailor Scout costume pattern makes waaaaaaay more sense.
But sexy Elsa – no.  Just no.
M7075 – A Ruffles and Lace Treasured Collection Pattern.
Ok, I swear there are pictures of 2-year-old me wearing
dresses that look eerily similar to these designs.
I thought they were super dorky when I was 3,
and I don’t think my opinion has changed much in the interim.
Am I biased?  Would kids today actually want to wear this?
Was your childhood traumatized by ruffly neck lace bibs?
Inquiring minds want to know!

And there it is!  There are several other kids/dolls/craft patterns, but nothing of particular note.  What do you all think?  Are you enjoying any of the alternate views and subtle details as much as I am?  Or does everything look a bit meh and like more of the same?  Anyone inspired to start sewing sun dresses?  Or are we all still trying to get things finished for holiday parties?  Also, anyone else having childhood flashbacks from that last pattern?  Or was it just us 80s babies who had to suffer with such saccharine details on our childhood attire?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Newsflash: New McCall’s Patterns Posted

  1. I hated lace and ruffles as a child. Wouldn't dream of inflicting them onto my children. To my chagrin, my eldest daughter went through a very pink phase and the younger has adopted a lot of skating bling. A penchant for sparkly clothes is common amongst her friends.

    The elder has developed her own style and moved onto other colours, there is hope for the younger.


  2. I had a pink phase… Though, to be fair, it was like 80s neon rock-star pink and not like baby shower pink, but, still. The pink phase came and went fairly quickly.

    The sparkly phase…. Well, I still love the sparkles. But, I do not wear them all the time. A time and a place for everything I suppose.

    Anyway, yes, there is definitely a chance that the phase will pass.


  3. I had very similar dresses when I was a little girl! I have a twin sister, so the effect was even more sickly-sweet. Although I hated them then, I can see why my mother thought they were a good idea and–not gonna lie–I'll probably make some if I have daughters!

    Out of the adult patterns, there's something about 7089 (the grey/aqua colorblock) that appeals. It could so easily skew old-lady, but the model pulls it off!


  4. Just wanted to give you an insight into the 'sexy elsa'. Right now there is a huge interest in the Disney Sailor Scouts thanks to the artist Drachea Rannak –

    In specific you can see the Elsa design here along with the other Disney sailor scouts

    and like I said, it's HUGE in the cosplay world

    I think that McCalls just got in on that vibe!

    Hope that helps a little and even though it may still make you shake your head, at least it may take away a little of the 'd'oh' feeling đŸ™‚


  5. Ah, yes, and I know there was some discussion of a new Sailor Moon Crystal coming out, which I'm sure has also increased interest in Sailor Scouts lately.

    I get the whole cosplay mash-ups thing (I think it's really cool and unique!), but I just wasn't convinced by the choice of materials/styling/etc. that they used on the Elsa version here.


  6. Yeah, that was my feeling – it could look very mature, but I think the use of the bright blue saves it a bit. I feel like it might look more youthful with shorter sleeves perhaps as well.


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