Newsflash: Spring/Summer 2015 My Image Magazine

I’ve been buying My Image Magazine since they first came out in late 2010, and I’ve been quite pleased with the few patterns I’ve sewn up so far.  (Really must sew more from them!)  So, usually, when a new magazine is announced I jump on it right away.  However, I’m a little bit… less than inspired by the latest release of the magazine.  Normally there is a nice collection of practical clothes with some fun details sewn up in some crazy print fabrics.  And, well, the practical clothes and crazy prints haven’t changed, but for me this issue definitely feels like it is lacking in the “fun details” aspect.

All of the line drawings look pretty basic or very similar to past designs.
I do actually rather like the shorts though.
I like the way the coat looks on the model, but the line drawing is rather dull.
Might be a good pattern for a busy fabric though.
I really like the jacket/skirt combo on the right, but mainly due to fabric choices.
I also like the blue dress quite a bit, but, again, very similar to past designs.
It looks like we might be getting more detailed instructions than in past issues though.
It is definitely a positive selling point!

Is it just me, or does this issue feel somewhat… uninspired?  I’m liking some of the other changes I’m seeing (more interesting photos, more detailed instructions), but I’m just not excited by the actual patterns.  Anyone else feeling the same?  Or am I missing how versatile this pieces will be in a spring/summer wardrobe?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Newsflash: Spring/Summer 2015 My Image Magazine

  1. I totally agree with you. I had to watch it twice because I thought that I was missing something , and at the end I still have that feeling. If i compare it with the previous issue I find this one really disappointing.


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