Newsflash-ish: September Burda Early Preview Posted

Burda posted the first look at the September issue on their German website while I was gone last week – definitely enough there to pique my interest.  P-an-da has got a full preview up (with line drawings!) and I have to say I’m not entirely as excited as I thought I was going to be, or, rather, I’m not excited by the patterns I thought I was going to be – the line drawings are definitely counteracting my first impressions of the model photos.  I will, however, wait to do my full review post when the Burda website has posted the full preview with high-res garment photos and line drawings.  In the meantime, here is the sneak peak:

When I saw this blazer my first thought was – wants it, wants it now!
After seeing the line drawing… Ummm, maybe not so much.
Not enough shaping for my taste, thought I still love the color blocking details.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, at first I wasn’t too impressed with this boxy
looking dress…
But it actually has some nice seam lines!  And pockets!
I wouldn’t make it in a poofy quilted fabric, but I actually like the design.
The sweater is very on-trend, and I’m liking what I can
see of the shorts.
Not such a fan of the funky waistband on these pants though…
I’m super excited because the guy’s jacket pattern is included!
Win!  The “we’ve been making out in the back of his car” jumper is
sort of cute too.  
Maybe the colors are winning me over, but I like this skirt too!
Don’t know if I would be comfortable wearing something that short,
but I still like it.
This maxi skirt is rather pretty and dramatic.
Practical?  Maybe not so much.
Sack dress.  Meh.  I swear I’ve got a magazine from 1996 where
they used the same pattern/fabric combo…
Biker jacket is a bit on the poofy side for me.  Got some
cool details though.
Sweater with an odd cape thingy.  Ummm… not sure how
I’m feeling on this one.
Prints are a bit crazy, but this Plus dress is cute!
We’ve got a million versions of this pattern from Burda already.
Not really loving the crotch on these pants… not finding it all that flattering.
It wouldn’t be September without Dirndls!
I need curtains! I need curtains now!

So, um, yeah.  I’m seeing stuff that I like, but not so much stuff that I love.  I am excited about that man’s jacket though, and a couple of other designs have potential.  Verdict is out until the full preview pops up, but as of right now I’m saying August was better.  It’s been a hot year for Burda though, so I am definitely still looking forward to October, November, and December.  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!

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