Newsflash: Fall Butterick Patterns Announced

Aaaaaaaand I’m back!  I’ve been away at the Roller Skating National Championships these past few weeks, with limited free time and spotty wifi, so blog posting went out the window pretty quick.  Which was unfortunate because there have been several pattern releases/announcements/previews since I’ve been gone.  Not to mention the fact that I managed to finish reading several books on my trip, and it’s been a while since I have posted any book reviews.  And I’ve got some skating costumes to show off (well, one, really – and another that still needs to be photographed – more on that in a future post).  Anyway, since I’m feeling tired and icky after my travels, expect to see an explosion of blog posts here in the next few days.  (And, after that, hopefully an explosion of blog sewing… though, no promises.  My mojo is pretty whipped right now.)

Anyway, although it would probably make more sense to post things chronologically, I am too tired to worry about it, and since Butterick was at the top of my inbox upon returning home, they get posted first.  Yay for them.  You can check out the new collection here.  My overall impression: mmmmmmm…. it’s kinda boring.  I mean, there are a few patterns I am really responding to, but overall the entire release just feels either redundant with the company’s other offerings, or a bit boxy and generic.  Anyway, let’s take a look…

The good:

B6094 – Patterns by Gertie.  Cute!
The front is rather plain…
But I think the back detail is nice.
Love that it comes in a fitted sheath version as well.
B6105 – Another Patterns by Gertie.
Love the collar and wrap-over effect on this one.
Also like the longer version – it is simple,
so it would be great for a fabric with a complex pattern.
B6104 – I love this jacket too!  Very classy.
It also comes with a collar variation – love how versatile this makes the pattern.
And, come to think of it, I have the perfect fabric to use with this pattern…
B6090 – I was intrigued by the neckline on this button front dress in the photo,
but the print makes it a bit difficult to see the details.
You can see much better n the line drawings – love the gathering!  Also, pockets!
B6088 – Do I need another color blocked dress pattern?  No.
Do I want this one?  Yes.
I’m really digging the sleeveless version…
I love how the design continues onto the back.
B6093 – Retro Butterick.  First let me say I am super excited that this is
a “Retro” pattern – love the authentic reprints!  Secondly, I wasn’t
sure how I felt about the photo at first, but then…
Check out this version – beautiful!  I am so excited you guys!
B6108 – Another Retro Butterick.  Love this one too!
Ah, that skirt pleating.  Sigh.
B6114 – At first I was sort of meh on another sexy pirate getup…
But I do like the seam lines of the coat.  So I’m putting it on my list.
B6079 – a See & Sew pattern.
Yes, the dress is rather basic, but I still think it would be
nice for summer, and I do like the shape of the blazer as well.
B6077 – Another See & Sew pattern.  Yes, we’ve seen a million of these
draped cardigan jackets, but I really like the proportions on this version.
B6100 – A Fast & Easy pattern with cup sizing.
Yeah, its a basic tank/t-shirt pattern.  But it’s for wovens,
its got cup sizing, and sometimes you need a basic pattern
for a complex fabric.  So I give it a win.

The boring:

B6086 – Fast & Easy dress with cup sizing.  Meh.
B6089 – Pleated dress with yoke detail.
I feel like Vogue has had a lot of variations of this dress…
B6091 – I can see how they were going for an interesting play on menswear
with this dress, but… I’m not such a fan.
Something about the proportions of the top and skirt are just… off for me.
B6109 – A Lifestyle Wardrobe pattern.
I sort of like the line drawing on the jacket, but on the model it doesn’t do much for me.
Everything else is sort of meh.
B6111 – A Connie Crawford pattern.  Feels a bit boxy, like an 80s/90s
throwback.  Not such a fan of the boxy suits.
B6110 – Another Connie Crawford.  Still not loving the boxy jackets,
though the contrasting color does add some interest.  Kinda.
B6096 – Fast & Easy tunic.  Seen it before…
B6099 – Boxy tunic blouse.  Meh.
B6097 – Peplum button down.  My initial response was meh, but actually
the sleeveless version is sort of cute.  Dunno if it is something I would make,
but I can see some other bloggers totally rocking this.
B6098 – Even the line drawing looks preggers.
B6102 – A Fast & Easy skirt.  It’s fine, but nothing new.
B6107 – Boxy coat pattern.  Eh.
B6080 – See & Sew knit dress.  Another one that is fine, but not overly special.
B6081 – See & Sew vest.  Potentially practical, but not overly exciting.
B6113 – Rather generic poofy dress costume pattern.  Not overly exciting.
B6078 – See & Sew pajamas.  Zzzzzzzzzzz.

The questionable:

B6087 – Not really loving this peplum dress.
I feel like the skirt detracts from the peplum effect?
Although the shape of the peplum itself is rather pleasing…
Yeah, its just… too much going on in the back.
If it had a normal pencil skirt it would be too generic, but the proportions would work better.
B6103 – Hi-lo hem jacket.  Another one where the proportions feel off to me.
The front of the jacket feels a bit too long and overwhelming…
…and the back feels like, not enough volume.  It’s sort of in this weird zone
of either too much or not enough.
B6106 – A Katherine Tilton pattern.  I actually think the color blocking
on this pattern is sort of cool.  Not sure the silhouette would work for my
body shape, but I could imagine a few other bloggers making something fab
from this pattern.
B6101 – A Katerine Tilton tunic top.  The right side looks ok
(the pocket is kinda cool)…
…but I’m not really into the weird fabric diaper hanging off the left side of the top.
B6112 – Katerhine Tilton bag pattern.
Are they cool?  Are they sloppy?
I can’t quite wrap my head around what I think of them.
B6095 – I’m just not a fan of these peplum lace tops.  Another case of proportion problems.

And there it is!  So – what do you all think?  See anything you can’t live without?  Or are you rather bored with this Butterick’s fall offerings (especially when compared to the awesomeness that we’ve seen so far from Vogue, Burda, and Simplicity)?  Feel free to debate and discuss in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Newsflash: Fall Butterick Patterns Announced

  1. 6104 makes me drool. I agree with that one. Others I don't know yet. There are a few potentials but sometimes I feel like I get burned with butterick patterns. It's funny bc one day my mom who doesn't see except when we were little said the same thing


  2. I was so uninspired looking at the thumnail pictures of the new release that I couldn't be bothered to click any further which tells you everything. I think if you are into costumes or having a Downton Abbey party it's great, otherwise there is nothing really new here (or maybe I just have too many patterns!).


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