(Very Outdated) Newsflash: Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Burda Catalogue Patterns Announced

A few weeks ago (at the end of July) the digital preview of the Fall/Winter Burda Catalogue Collection was announced on the German website.  Individual patterns can be seen here.  As of the time of this writing, the new patterns aren’t up on the Simplicity website yet, or on Pattern Review.  Hopefully they will be up soon…

The Burda Catalogue announcements are always exciting to me.  Although we often get a smattering of re-prints that were featured in the magazines at one point or another, there are always a lot of exciting new designs – and so many of them that there are always a few begging to be added to my ever growing collection.  This year’s fall/winter collection is no exception – I think there are a lot of fantastic new designs.  Let’s take a look:

First of all, I have to say I am aesthetically pleased at the layout of their “new patterns” pages in the catalog:

Yes, organization by color probably isn’t the most practical thing ever, but it is very pretty to look at!  I have to look at almost all of these designs much closer to see the line drawings and details anyway.  There are so many things to look at, I’m going to organize my discussion by category.


BD6869 – Really like these gowns!
Especially love that the peplum is detachable.
BD6867 – Love this design too!  The long gown is so elegant.
BD6866 – Ok, I know this is a basic gown,
but I am in LOVE with view B – simple, elegant, and pretty.
BD6868 – Not loving the giant bow on the gown,
but I do rather like the short dress.
BD6857 – I don’t think the fabric choices help this design much,
but actually the line drawing shows a rather promising maxi dress.
BD6858 – Are the cut-outs too young for me?  Probably.
I sort of like the idea of the color-blocked design though (view C).
BD6865 – I fell the fabric photographed like a mess,
but the design itself if quite pretty.  Potential?  Or a waste of time?
BD6830 – Love the neckline on these dresses.
BD6829 – Another pattern that probably would have looked better
in a different fabric choice.  Not much new with this pattern, but nice.
BD6831 – Fairly basic dress with princess seaming.
HATE that over-skirt tie thing though.  So unnecessary.
BD6832 – At first I thought this dress design was rather basic,
but I actually really like the neckline of view B.
BD6833 – One one hand, I this is a really basic dress pattern, and we’ve
seen it a million times before.  On the other hand, I feel like it would be a great style for me…
so I am putting it on my maybe list.
BD6877 – This dress has an interesting detail on the skirt,
and I do like the neckline.  Not sure that I am excited enough to buy it,
but it at least has some interesting details.
BD6894 – The v-neck is nice, but overall these dresses
look like they came from the 80s.  Not a fan.
BD6890 – Nice basic sheath dress in the Burda half sizes.
BD6852 – The use of volume is interesting, but probably
not super flattering to anyone who isn’t a model.
BD6851 – Love the color blocking on this dress/top!


BD6843 – LOVE this jacket!  The soft tailoring
is very pretty.  
BD6842 – Also loving this jacket!  View A is pretty awesome.
BD6870 – Not sure that I’m as in love with this pattern,
But the line drawing of view B is sort of saving it for me.
BD6875 – Like view A here – nice classic blazer.
BD6876 – Love the shape of the collar on this jacket pattern!
It is a bit odd that the collar doesn’t extend onto the back of the jacket though…
BD6847 – Burda’s response to the Minoru?
I want to do a mash-up of A (the hood) and B (the length).
BD6845 – Really like the long coat here too.
BD6844 – I know the cocoon coat is a big trend right now,
but it’s just not my favorite style.  I actually sort of like view A here though.


BD6835 – I really like this skirt!  Especially View A where
the zipper opens to reveal a contrast fabric.
BD6834 – Not really feeling the flouncy skirts –
they are ok, but I’m just not feeling the need to add them to my collection.
BD6834 – Not loving the way the pleats on this skirt add a ton
of volume to the hip area.  Definitely not a good look for me.
BD6854 – Really like view C, but very similar
to a pattern that came out in the magazine last October.
BD6880 – I like these skirts, but I don’t know if they are special
enough for me to want to buy the pattern.
BD6895 – Another skirt pattern that is nice and basic,
but not overly exciting.


BD6878 – I like the photograph of view B,
but I’m a bit meh looking at the line drawings.
BD6838 – I like this knit top, but it is very similar
to patterns I already have.
BD6839 – Not really loving the way the gathers look on these shirts.
BD6840 – I know we’ve seen a lot of bow-tie blouses,
but I really like view B of this pattern.  Very pretty.
BD6841 – Another pattern I think is on trend,
but not my style.  I feel like Burda’s magazine patterns
have a few better take on the bomber jacket style.
BD6846 – Love the turtleneck (view B), but view A is
a little bit WTF with those boxes over this hips.
BD6848 – This knit top/dress is fine, but not overly exciting to me.
The neckline on B looks dangerously low as well.
BD6850 – Oversized top/dress pattern.  Meh.
BD6849 – Could this be my holy grail shirt pattern?
Front and back darts, back yoke, and a center back seam?  Yes please!


BD6856 – I really like the silhouette of view A, but
I know better than to put pleats over my thighs.
Not really liking view B.
BD6879 – the more I look at these, the more I like them.
The high pockets look very flattering on the model.
BD6837 – Jodhpurs.  Yet another design that is best left to
models and equestrians. 
BD6855 – I also really like these skinny jeans (maybe not the crazy
striped version), but because they are in young sizes (32-42) there isn’t
much purpose to me buying this pattern.  Cute though.


BD6891 – Am I crazy for liking the bell bottoms?
Cuz I’m really digging the bell bottoms.
And they even have a side zip, not a back zip.  I like them.
BD6892 – I feel like the drawing looks pretty elegant,
but in real life it might look a little too much like a nightgown.
BD6893 – Man’s smoking/dressing jacket.  Burda’s description
(imploring us to bring back the tradition) made me giggle.


BD6896 – The dress is pretty cute!
BD6859 – Elastic waist pants.  On one hand, elastic waists are awesomely comfy,
on the other, they sort of give off an air of sloppiness.  Yay/nay?
BD6860 – I actually like view B – interesting neckline detail.
BD6861 – Nice coat options in the Plus sizes.
Really like the color blocked view.
BD6862 – Not overly exciting, but very practical suit pattern.
BD6863 – The dress looks a bit meh, but the color blocked
tunic is actually kind of pretty.
BD6864 – The seam lines are interesting, but the color blocking
gives a sort of odd shape to the boobs.  Not really a fan, though it could be ok
in a solid color perhaps.


BD6871 – Loving this suit pattern!  
The darts and back vents on view A are awesome.  The pockets on the pants are cool too.
BD6872 – Really like this blazer pattern too.
BD6873 – Nice classic trouser.
BD6874 – This shirt pattern is ok, though I feel like
there are other options from Burda that I like better.
Maybe I would feel different if I were a guy though.


BD6887 – Actually this design looks pretty cool.
(I’m way too excited by that hat.)
BD6888 – All the underthings.
And, yes, Burda gave us a codpiece.  Thanks Burda.
BD2372 – Sort of generic fairy design, but I like the neckline.
BD2373 – Being a roller skater, this disco pattern could prove
to be oddly useful (you’d be surprised how many show costumes people need).
BD2374 – I swear there is a picture of my dad in this outfit.
Only his wasn’t worn in jest.
BD2375 – Uhhhh… No comment.

Whew.  That’s a lot of patterns.  I don’t know that there is any one pattern that I find totally amazing, but there is lots of good stuff here.  Of course there is also a lot of boring stuff, but not too much that is too crazy or off the wall this time around.  Overall I have to say I think it is a nice, solid release.  Definitely a few of these patterns will be joining the stash sooner or later.  So, what do you all think?  See anything fabulous?  Or does this all look like more of the same?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

2 thoughts on “(Very Outdated) Newsflash: Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Burda Catalogue Patterns Announced

  1. Some good stuff there. I don't normally find the Burda envelope patterns as compelling as the mag, but there are a few here I'd buy. But not the Elizabethan codpiece. What WERE they thinking?


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