Newsflash: Fall Vogue Patterns Announced!

Vogue has announced their fall pattern collection here.  First impression on my initial cursory glance: me likey.  Me likey a lot.  Upon closer inspection I wasn’t as in love with everything as I had at first thought, but there were still a significant number of patterns that I have added to my wish list.  Now, granted, I tend to like fall fashions the best (coats, pants, rich colors, and fun details, yay!), so I always look forward to this time of year for patterns especially, but I think with this particular collection Vogue has put out a nice mix of styles with a little something for everyone.  Let’s take a look:

V1416 – Guy Laroche pattern.
The sleeves might be a bit much, but I love the pants.
Yeah… still loving the pants.
V1417 – A Donna Karen pattern.
Might be a bit theatrical for my taste, but it is rather dramatic.
V1414 – Anne Klein.  Very practical, but sort of basic.
V1415 – Tom and Linda Platte, part 1.  I actually rather like the design of the top.
Dramatic and elegant, without being too crazy.
V1415 part 2.  A more wearable version of the blouse and pants.
V9035 – A Marcy Tilton pattern.  The hem on the pants is rather intriguing,
though I find the jacket too voluminous for my taste.
V1410 – Mozono.  It seems like complex draping techniques are the
latest trend from the major pattern companies.
V1407 – DKNY.  I want to like this, but I don’t know
that the proportions of the cross-over are the most flattering?
Am I the only one who thinks “saggy boobs”?
V1408 – DKNY.  This looks like a basic dress, until you see the line drawing…
Ah, so many seams!
V1409 – Donna Karen.  I am NOT a fan of the fabrics they chose,
but I am sort of on the fence about the design itself.
Might have to wait and see if anyone makes one that looks amazing and blows my mind.
Another one with so many seams!  
V1405 – Tracy Reese.  I know its just a batwing dress, but I sort of rather like it.
V1404 – Ralph Rucci.  I always appreciate the topstitching details,
but I am not always in love with the overall style.
Such is the case with this dress – nice, but not for me.
V1419 – Another Ralph Rucci.  I LOVE this one!
This one is going on my list for sure!
Those sleeves!
V1406 – Rachel Comey.  I actually rather like this design too!
Love the asymmetrical neckline detail.
V1413 – Mizono.  Ok, the ruffles are a bit over the top, and yet, I really like them.
I like it, but I don’t know if I would like it on me?  Might be worth a try.
V1412 – Rebecca Taylor.  This basic blouse is nice,
but I feel like I already have blouse patterns that I like better.
V1418 – Today’s Fit by Sandra Betzina.
Not really loving this – it’s ok, but perhaps a bit boxy?
V1411 – These Today’s Fit pants are kind of awesome though!
It’s easier to see the seaming on the lighter fabric…
Lots of fun to be had with this pattern…
V9040 – A Vogue Basic Design coat.  Love all of the waist seaming…
Nice variety of collars, sleeves, lengths…
V9029 – Vogue Easy Options.  I like this blouse, but I already have so many
patterns for a button-front blouse.  I just need to make a pattern that fits…
V9025 – A Vogue Easy Options dress.  This is another one that I like,
but feel like I already have a lot of patterns that are similar.
V9036 – Vogue Wardrobe pattern.  There might be a full wardrobe,
but for me it is all about the jacket!  Love the shape of it.
The dress is nice too…
V9032 – Pants.  These are fine, but nothing special.  Nice basic pants.
V9037 – Very Easy Vogue.  I actually really like all of the collar options with this
simple jacket pattern…
V9039 – Another great jacket!  Love all the seam lines, and the cool sleeves.
V9024 – LOVE this dress!  Love it.  Especially the sleeveless version.
V9017 – Very Easy Vogue Custom Fit (A,B,C,D Cup Sizing).
I really like this, but I don’t know if I need another basic color blocked dress.
I do like it though.  Hmmm.
V9019 – Another basic dress that I really like!
This would be another great design for color blocking.
But, again, I don’t know if I need it, though I do rather like it.
V9023 – Very Easy Vogue.  It is fine, but I feel like
I’ve got a lot of similar patterns from Burda.
V9021 – Very Easy Vogue.  Fine, but not terribly exciting.
Of course, now that I’ve said that, someone will make an amazing version,
sweep the blog-o-sphere, and it be everywhere.
V9018 – Very Easy Vogue.  Meh.
V9026 – Very Easy Vogue.  I do rather like this sweatshirt pattern, lots of nice options.
V9028 – I thought this turtle neck looked nice, until I saw the back?
Do I want to deal with a fussy zipper on my casual wear?
No, no I do not.
V9033 – Elastic waist pants and boxy jacket.  Meh.
V9034 – This vest just looks overwhelming…
V9027 – Drowning in fabric!
V9045 – I actually rather like this bolero/wrap pattern.
I at least want to get it to see how they do the fabric manipulations…
…I mean, the giant flowers are sort of intriguing…
…even if they are a bit much on this wrap…
Love this bolero though!  Very elegant.
V9044 – Patricia Underwood caps.
I’m sort of digging the hats.  Makes me want to sing…
(Ain’t it a fine life carrying the banner?)
V9043 – Normally I don’t care about kids clothes, but this coat is adorable!
V9041 – Love the coat for the guys too.  Very classy.

I’m pretty happy with this release – there are a few must buys for me, and a lot I am considering.  So, what do you all think?  See anything you are drooling over?  Or am I just so exhausted from pre-nationals sewing that anything not made out of spandex looks good?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Newsflash: Fall Vogue Patterns Announced!

  1. Wow – I feel like this is one of the best collections in forever! I like the collections that have lots of interesting designer patterns mixed with good basics. I'm literally having palpitations over the Ralph Rucci coat – be still my heart!


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