Another Skating Practice Dress

I (finally) managed to finish the dress I started making way back when I did my skating costume tutorial.  Yeah, finishing school and moving shoved it to the UFO pile for a while, but it is finished now!  Definitely not even close to my best work, but at a certain point you just want to get it out of the pile, you know?  Anyway, here it is:

Finally finished!  I think I may have changed sizes
a bit since I cut this out… The top is a bit big.
Photos were taken after an early morning practice…
My facial expressions are weird because my eyes haven’t adjusted to sunlight.
I don’t know what’s up with my tights here.
The back.  I tried really hard to use this panel print in an interesting way,
but it did result in some head scratching when I was cutting out fabric.

So, yes, I do sew for myself.  Sometimes.  Even if it does take me a year and a half to finish a project.

6 thoughts on “Another Skating Practice Dress

  1. I've been meaning to ask you about the skirts on your skating outfits as you use a much more pointed skirt than I see on the ice rink. Is this the norm for roller or just a personal preference? From what I've seen, we ice sisters seem to dress much like those of you on wheels, except for the skirt.

    Are there any videos on You Tube of your skating?


  2. It is just the style that roller has gone to over the past few years. It seems to me that the ice dancers have gone to a longer more ballroom-like style, whereas the American roller skaters, for the most part, have gone to a sleeker, less fluffy style. The international skaters tend to dress more like the ice skaters – with freestylists having shorter, less pointy skirts, and dance skaters looking more ballroom. There are exceptions on both sides, of course (for the roller you can go to the “Skating Stuff” tab of my blog and find links to videos of lots of roller dances, where some of the international skaters have the more pointy style dresses, and some have the more ballroom style, also, see Sinead Kerr's dress for the Tango Romantica in 2010 – I think it depends a lot on the discipline – since I mostly do dance and figures, a longer skirt doesn't interfere with my skating, and has a nice flow to it when I skate. If I were doing jumps and spins I would want a shorter skirt that wouldn't get caught on a sit spin or be problematic in an awkward fall.

    As far as I know, there aren't any youtube videos of my skating, or at least I haven't put any there. Thanks for the interest though!


  3. Pretty fabric! What is going on under the bodice if you don't mind me asking!? Is there some built in support, sorry if you've posted this already in one of your previous dress makes, please just point me in the right direction if so!


  4. On this particular dress I just underlined the fabric (which was very thin) with a layer of thicker lycra, so the entire bodice is 2 layers thick. And I am just wearing a separate bra that I altered for skating – took a normal bra, cut off the straps and back band, replaced them with tan fabric covered elastic, so that they would lie under my dresses better (you can see the tan strap across the back – that is not attached to the dress – and the other straps are criss-cross over my shoulders and are hidden by the dress). Normally I just sew a regular bra into the outfit and then cut off the excess. I have a picture of this in my tutorial here:

    If you go to the “Skating Stuff” tab at the top, then go to “Skating Costume Tutorial” I have documented the complete process of how I make a skating costume.


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