Newsflash: August Burda Preview Posted

The Russian Burda website has posted the full preview of the August issue.  Although the July issue was rather disappointing, it seems that August is getting back on the track of awesome.  Although I don’t think it is quite as good as some of this years earlier issues, I do think there are some really good patterns in this issue, and I think everything fits nicely in the summer/fall transition period.  Let’s take a look:

First, the dresses:

Not sure I like the grey/coral color combo,
but I LOVE the seamlines on this dress.
Looks very elegant in a monochromatic color scheme as well.
So many fun possibilities…
Ok, so the garment photo of this dress doesn’t look too impressive…
…but the back opening is sort of interesting…
…and I LOVE the way it looks on the models.
Yeah, making this.
Love this dress too!  The pleating is just perfect.
Not sure how I feel about this – I might be swayed by the pretty fabric.
The line drawing looks sort of boxy…
…but the model photo actually looks pretty good.
Hmmmm.  It’s going on the maybe list.
The soft pleats are rather pretty on this dress.
It would look great with a belt.
Really basic sack dress with neckline cut-outs.
Another one I think would look better with a belt.
Dropped waist isn’t my favorite style,
but I do like the style of this dress.
The diagonal seam with pockets is very cool.

There are also some great jackets in this issue:

LOVE this little cropped jacket.  The proportions are just great.
Love the seams on the back.  Fantastic.
It looks great as a longer, more classic blazer as well.
Love the pockets on this one.
There are always capes in August, but I really love the collar on this one!
Very classy.
The shorter version looks great as well.
Not sure how I feel about this short coat – a bit too voluminous perhaps.
The super awkward model photo doesn’t help.
This over-sized vest is a bit too long I think.
Just too much fabric happening I think.
Not really loving this longer version either – kinda blah.

There are also some fantastic separates in this issue:

Love this shirt!  Love it.  So easy, but still elegant.
The asymmetric hem works so well here.
Love this too!  Nice way to spice up a basic looking t-shirt.
Not a fan of the fabric selection, but I like the long sleeved version too.
I feel like the photograph of this top looks a bit messy…
…but the line drawing looks awesome.  
I think it looks better in the non-metallic fabric.
Actually, I could see myself wearing this top too!
The gathers at the hem are a nice touch.
This version might be better if it is going to be tucked into a skirt.
Long tunic… a bit meh.
LOVE this skirt.  LOVE it.
(Just a side note – is it me, or did Burda get some really cool fabrics for this issue?)
Actually really liking this skirt too.  Very cool use of a panel print.
I might prefer the proportions of the shorter version a bit more.
The color blocking is kinda interesting with all the pleats.
The short version is pretty cute too.
Basic pleated skirt.  Meh.
Although my brain knows I shouldn’t wear pleated pants,
I really really like these shorts.
The piping on the bermudas is a fun detail.
I want to call the breeches crazy, but I actually really like them.
Don’t ask me why, cuz I really don’t know…

The Burda Plus section has an interesting mix of good separates and not-so-good dresses:

The bomber jacket is Burda’s new thing – they’ve been in the past several issues.
Not liking the fabric choices, but the pattern is spot-on.
The collar variation is nice too.
Love this sweater pattern – cozy looking, but the exposed zipper is a nice detail.
This drapey top is quite nice as well.
I really like the photograph of this skirt…
…but I’m not sure how much I like the line drawing.
Hmmm, I think this still gets a yay from me.
Don’t really like the photo of these drawstring pants,
but the model photos look good, so I’m giving them a
tentative pass.
Basic A-line skirt with zipper pockets.
Ok, but not overly exciting.
I like the raglan sleeves on this dress,
but I’m not so keen on the hemline of this dress.
Ugh.  The collar, the cuffs, the print.  With that drape.  Ugh.
The detachable collar/cuffs might make it a little better but, still,
too much happening with that drape.

And that brings us to my picks for the best/worst pattern of this month.  Picking the best pattern was really difficult – there were a lot of pattens I really liked.  Although I think the color blocked dress is the pattern that is the most memorable in this issue, the gold dress might be the most flashy, and although I think (surprisingly) my favorite pattern might be that ruffled skirt, in the end I have to give the Best of BS for August to:

Soft gathered blouse!

This top is just so elegant and simple, classy, but still interesting.  It could look great with pants or a skirt, and could work well in a work wardrobe or a more casual wardrobe, depending on fabric choice.  It doesn’t look too complex to make either.  I predict it will take the blogging world by storm.

And, well, as for the worst pattern of the month I thought it was pretty obvious.  Although that crazy oversized vest was in contention, in the end I had to give the BWTF Award to:

Crazy floral collar dress.

Yeah… just no.  To all of it.  No.

And there it is!  Overall I have to say this looks like a very good issues.  I don’t think all of the model photos necessarily show off the designs in the best way (indeed, I overlooked some of my favorite patterns from the early preview), but I think a lot of the designs are quite solid.  Definitely going to call this issue another win for Burda.  So far I’m loving the fall collections this year – can’t wait to see what Burda gives us with their envelope patterns.  So – what do you all think?  Are you also drooling over the intricate seaming and lovely draping, or are the crazy prints leaving you cold?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Newsflash: August Burda Preview Posted

  1. I think the floral dress is something that Tim Gunn would say something about “editing.” Otherwise, a good selection! And some really awesome use of fabrics!


  2. Thanks for a great review, looks like this issue is so much better than the last two, from which I'm still trying to pick something out to meet my one burda a month challenge. I'll be stalking my letterbox waiting for this one!


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