Newsflash: April Burda Preview Posted

The Russian Burda Website has posted the full preview of the April Burda.  First off, I have to say I was sort of annoyed by the updates to the Russian site, as I wasn’t able to find as many news items about the magazine on the home page, but I have decided that I actually like the new set-up.  Much sleeker in terms of viewing photo images, and now we can click on them to see larger-sized images.  So, well done Burda Russia!

As far as the April issue goes, I was getting increasingly excited with each preview that came out, and I have to say, now that I’ve seen the whole thing, I think this issue is going to be one of the great classic issue I will turn back to for years to come.  There is a ton of stuff to love in here – lots of great classic shapes as well as some modern looking innovative patterns.  Let’s take a look:

First, I have to say the jackets are fantastic in this issue:

Love love LOVE this jacket.  Chic and classy.  Definitely going on my to-make list.
A look at the line drawing… I’m liking the seams in the back.
Swooning over this classic blazer.
And apparently Burda was too…
…so nice they made it thrice!
(Ok, so, technically Burda lists these as 3 different patterns
due to subtle differences, but, well, mostly they are the same.)
Loving the vent on the back, and the seams down the front.  Another must-make item.
Normally I don’t much care for collar-less jackets…
…but the silhouette and seam lines of this one have won me over.
I might have some fabric in the stash just perfect for this…

The dresses were also quite good this time around as well:

We were all swooning over this dress from the early previews…
Love the back as well as the front.
Too bad it is going to be sized for the Talls.  Dang it Burda!
But, seriously, I want to look this fabulous on a beach sometime…
A lot of people were also really liking this dress at preview time…
…and it is just a variation on the maxi dress above.
Which means it is also for Tall sizes.  Still like it though.
And, there is a shirt version too.
I actually like all of the variations on this pattern.
And it means that there are lots of sleeve options for making any of these dresses/tops.
This dress isn’t as exciting on the form.
I do like that is has darts for shaping.
(Also, that sleeve – what is up with that?
Makes me want to see the actual pattern pieces.)
But is looks totally fab on the model, so, I’m still loving this dress.
Also comes as just a top.
I LOVE this dress too!  Very pretty.
Beautiful lines on this pattern…
And the model photo sells it to me as well.
This dress is pretty basic, but I still really like it!
Would be great for summer…
Looks like it would be pretty easy to sew as well…
The top may be a bit low cut, but that can be easily fixed.
I think this “retro” dress is pretty cute too.
I especially like the top stitching detail on the collar.
I was also a fan of this dress from the early preview.
The tiny buttons are a cute detail –
not sure how I feel about the placement of that seam on the bust though.
I like it much less as a top – the proportions don’t work as well here, I think.
Normally, I am not one for the puffy sleeves, but here I think they work.
Yup, loving this dress too!  The retro section is a total win for me!
This dress probably has an interesting construction process.
Another one where I can’t wait to see what the actual pattern pieces look like…
Not sure how I feel about the actual dress, though.
I would probably like it better if it were styles with a belt.
This one also comes in shirt length – have to say I might like this one better short.

There were a few other things of note:

I really like this high-waisted pencil skirt…
The belt tabs and pockets could easily be left off for a really basic style.
The shorter version is nice too.
I like where the waist hits, but I would probably
end up sewing the longer version if I were to make this.
Capri pants.  Fine, but not overly exciting.
Knit top.  We have seen similar before, but still nice wardrobe item.
A men’s blazer!  Nice!
Much easier to see the details in the line drawing – Love the welt pocket!
The men also get some pants.
Even the crafts look useful this month.
Who couldn’t use a handy multi-pocket apron?
And what about this bike bag?  Could be useful… if I knew how to ride a bike…

As far as the Burda Plus section goes, originally I was thinking it was going to be a dud of a section, at least based on the early preview.  After having seen everything with the line drawings I am taking a 180 – the Plus section is totally fantastic as well!

Originally, I thought this was a dress,
and that it totally overwhelmed the model…
Can’t see much in the garment photo to change my mind…
…but the line drawing shows it is actually a coat!
Ah, well, ok then.  Still think it is a bit much in the leopard,
but the pattern itself isn’t bad.
I like the version with the hood much better though.
Don’t often get plus patterns with hoods!
In fact, when made up in a different fabric I actually rather like it!
Yup, for this pattern fabric choice was everything!
Love this look.
This issue also has some awesome knit tops in the plus section too!
Looks like a variation on a regular size top from last year’s May issue.
Actually, I like the plus version better!
Another great knit top – good wardrobe builder.
Variation with gathered sides.
And lots of possibility for color blocking!
This top is fine, but, meh.
Basic wrap-over knit top.  Is cute, but nothing too exciting.
I would worry about it falling open?  Unless the top stitching keeps it in place?
Must look at instructions…
These pants – I LOVE THEM!
As a leather/denim combo – LOVE THEM EVEN MORE!!!
Yes, going on the to-make list for sure!
Yes, on the list.
Side note: I guess the cross-over top is meant to be worn over something else?
This blouse is the one real let-down.  It just looks so closed-up and dowdy.
I think the pleats with the collar is just a bit much.

And, well, it was a bit hard to find anything really bad in this issue.  Even my least favorite garments weren’t too terrible:

This top was quite the conversation starter in the early preview!
Some people thought it was fab, and others thought it looked like a dental smock.
Pretty much everyone agreed it would be best for the small busted.
The line drawing… pretty much looks exactly like the garment photo.
Why would you add so much volume to that particular section of the body?
Why, Burda, why???
This jumpsuit… ugh.  It looks so sad in the garment photo,
and yet so stylish on the models…
I mean, she looks kinda fierce, right?
And I won’t think twice about seeing this on someone in an office.
And this vest is, well, it’s not terrible, but it certainly isn’t exciting either.

And there we have it – another Burda on its way.  The only thing left to do, of course, it to pick the best and worst patterns for the month.  It was hard on both counts – there were a ton of fabulous patterns, and not too many that were totally heinous.  In the end, I had to give Best of BS for April 2014 to:

Awesome jacket!

I LOVE this jacket.  Love it.  It looks so modern and yet still very classic, I love the proportions and all the details.  Enough to be interesting, but still very wearable in a lot of different wardrobes, depending on fabric choice and styling.  Total winner in my book.

And, now, for the bad news.  The BWTF Award for April 2014 goes to:

Claustrophobia Plus Shirt!

While I question some of the styles for the regular sizes, this top just looks downright uncomfortable to wear.  I mean, the collar is so high, and all the neck pleats do is make it sit awkwardly on the shoulders.  There is no shaping lower in the shirt.  The bottom might sit better in a chiffon-like flowy fabric, but you won’t get s nice shape on the collar unless the fabric has a bit more body.  Either way, I think it would just swallow whoever wears it.  Worse pattern of the month?  I think so.

So – what do you all think?  Is this going to be an issue for the ages?  Are we totally shocked that some good stuff came out in April (usually the most boring issue of the year)?  With all of the fab dress patterns this month, what is going to be left for May?  What are you dying to make, and what can you live without?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Newsflash: April Burda Preview Posted

  1. I do not subscribe but when I saw the preview for April I went CRAZY! I immediately called GLP to order a copy.

    I love nearly EVERYTHING in this issue. And am debating if I can make that hooded jacket even though I'm a 40/42. I am thinking…hmmm…maybe if I don't add SA to the pattern… 🙂

    I love the jackets. I love most of the dresses. I love, love, LOVE that high waist skirt. I love the crossover top (dress not as much). I love the white crossover dress (but it's petite! Wahhhhhhh!).

    I think I will spend all of April and May sewing from this issue! 🙂


  2. With a very few exceptions, I love everything. This is likely to be my favourite Burda issue yet. Now I have to forget all about everything you wrote about so I can be excited all over again when it arrives. Now I can't wait.


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