Newsflash: Burda Easy Spring/Summer 2014 Preview Posted… And Other News

The preview photos for the 2014 Spring/Summer Burda Easy Fashion are up on the German website.  I usually don’t get too excited by the Burda Easy Magazines – I tend to favor more detailed and complex patterns from the company.  However, I will say that I do appreciate a lot of the designs in this issue.  Maybe not enough to buy them…  But enough to say good job to Burda.

Let’s take a look:

This jacket is super cute!
The pants aren’t bad either…
Actually I rather like the top and the shorts here.
Jumpsuit… meh.
I’ve seen better, and I’ve seen much, much worse.
I don’t think I would actually wear either of these,
but I do think they are kinda cute together.
Pretty!  I mean, maybe I am just loving the fabric, but, well, pretty!
(Also, poorly photoshopped.  But I don’t care cuz I am lookin’ at the dress.)
Another cute dress.  The neckline looks super low,
which is, you know, normal for Burda.
The top and skirt are cute, but I’ve seen them before.
Actually, between the cut and styling,
it almost reminds me of a My Image pattern.
I like the top of this dress, but it is super short.
Not that that couldn’t be easily changed.
Oversized shirt and ruffly skirt.  Meh.
Not sure why this is in the preview?  Clearly patterns from the March issue…
Maybe you get some digital downloads with the purchase of the Burda Easy?
Similar to the US model?  Might be a good way to encourage
people to go from Burda Easy to regular Burda.

So that’s what they got!  I don’t feel like there is anything here that I haven’t seen before (except I do like the shape of that first jacket pattern… might actually need to get something similar to that… so… hmmm….), but overall I think the designs are good.  I don’t know if there is enough to entice me to buy the issue, but I might actually think about it for this one.

In other Burda news… The full preview for April should *hopefully* be up this week.  The German website has posted a few extra garment photos and line drawings, and I have to say there is some stuff we didn’t see on the early preview that has me excited.  Most notably:

This jacket! I LOVE the shape of it.
Might leave off the breast pockets, but otherwise… yum.
I’m even more excited if this is the line drawing – look at the back pleat!
Also, this top.  Love me a good cowl draped top.
And this dress – very pretty shape.
And, most especially, THIS JACKET!!!
I can’t wait to see the actual garment and model photos!

These combined with what we saw in the early preview… Yeah, I’m gonna call it now.  April looks like a winner.  Very excited to see the whole issue!

And, finally, sewing news of the personal sort: Yes, I have been sewing!  But I haven’t been a very good about blogging it at all.  I am sort of haphazardly collecting photos of things I have made this year, though the most exciting thing so far is a winter coat I made for my sister.  Well, re-made, really.  Full story when I get the garment photos, but let’s just say making a coat in the span of about 2 days does wonders for kicking the mojo in gear.  Which is really good when you can’t see your sewing machine over the stacks of sequin fabric in front of it.  The next several months will be totally dedicated to skating costumes, mostly for other people, so the finished object posts will be few and far between for a while.  But at least I finally have the energy to get back in front of the machine.  It is a good feeling.

So – tell me – what do you all think of the Burda Easy preview?  Are we excited or totally board?  What about the increasing sneak peak images from the April issue?  And, has anyone else noticed an up-swing in sewing mojo lately?  Is it a spring thing?  Or just a getting-over-the-flu thing?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Newsflash: Burda Easy Spring/Summer 2014 Preview Posted… And Other News

  1. I love the bomber but I have got it in the March and I think Feb Burda Style issues, referred to as blouson. Am not tired of looking at them though.


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