Newsflash: Spring Kwik Sew Patterns Announced

The new Kwik Sew patterns are here.  I was tempted to just post the link, because it isn’t really worth it to post the pictures, but then that would be a very post for you guys.  Actually, this is going to be a really boring post for you guys anyway.

KS4052 – FYI, most of the release looks like these diaper covers – mostly kids crafts.

KS4041 – This raglan sleeve t-shirt is probably the best design.
At least, I have seen a lot of raglan tops popping up on the blog-o-sphere,
so it’s on trend at the very least.

KS4041 Line drawing – you can see how it is intentionally slouchy.

KS4057 – Giant tent maxi dress.  It looks like she is being eaten by a sheet.

The short version – the belt helps substantially.

KS4044 – Leggings/shirt combo.  The shirt is boring, but the leggings aren’t bad.

KS4040 – Basic dress.  Meh.  Also, I don’t think the neckline looks like it sits very well.

A bit easier to see the seaming without the crazy prints.

KS4042 – I feel like we have been seeing a lot of skirts
with ruffles come out of the pattern companies lately.
I still don’t think they are cute.

The skirt is better without the ruffle, but then is a bit boring.

KS4061 – High-low hem skirt.  Fine, but nothing new or exciting here.

KS4043 – Giant rectangle rain sack.

KS4045 – The best pattern in the release!  Man’s pants…

… and cargo shorts.

KS0179 – Actually these hanger covers are sort of cute.
Would rather sew the clothes to hang on them than the hanger covers though…

So, ummm, yeah.  Pretty boring.  I mean, I understand that they are trying to make Kwik Sew into the easy sewing/crafty/new sewer pattern brand for the McCall’s company.  Though I don’t know why a new seamstress would be tempted by the higher-priced Kwik Sew patterns when they can buy an easy to sew McCall’s for $0.99 at a sale.  I think the brilliant thing about Kwik Sew was the easy-to-make patterns that filled a niche for athletic gear, swimwear, and lingerie.  Their regular garment patterns were never overly exciting to me, but they were a bit more detailed than this.

In other Kwik Sew news, Hancock is having a Kwik Sew pattern sale ($6.99/pattern – yes, more expensive than Vogue sales!) this weekend.  I feel like I need to buy the good athletic wear patterns before they go OOP.  Won’t be getting any of this new stuff though.  What do you all think?  Are you a Kwik Sew fan?  Did the McCall’s take-over make you sad?  Or do you like the new crafty/easy to sew direction?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Newsflash: Spring Kwik Sew Patterns Announced

  1. I own one KS pattern, 3115 yoga pants. Amazing pattern. I am sad to see what McCalls will turn KS into. This release is sad. The men's pattern is the only one worth buying.

    And there's definitely not much that I want to pay $7 for.


  2. I know, I love their athletic patterns! I use the leotard patterns constantly for skating costumes, and I can only assume that their yoga/dance patterns will be awesome as well. I have tried Jalie, which I like for men, children, and teens, but I think Kwik Sew patterns are much better for adult women who have more complex body shapes. Their directions are top notch too. I was sad when the pattern paper changed to tissue, and I am sad with the stylistic direction the patterns are going now.


  3. Worst pattern release. Ever. It's too boring to be called boring. Humdrum,
    mediocre, lackluster, dull, uninteresting are all words that come to mind. It is such a shame what McButtvogue has done to this once great pattern company.


  4. I just attempted Kwik Sew 4045 – the mens shorts – and found so many errors it drove me mad! It's totally put me off Kwik Sew patterns, but everyone seems to think they're great? I must be missing something! If you don't mind me putting it here, you can read the errors I found on my blog: Maybe Kwik Sew aren't that great for beginners? I've heard they're very good for dancewear.


  5. That's really depressing to hear. I think a lot of people who have enjoyed these patterns used them before they were bought out by McCall's – all the patterns I've used from them were printed before the companies merged. I've had a lot of success with the dancewear/leotard patterns, and others have liked their exercise/leggings/etc. It's a bit sad that their newer patterns aren't as satisfactory.


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