Not a Pattern Review: Accidental Steampunk Jacket

Ok, so last month on the sewing front I managed to make two jackets.  Or, well, I made one jacket and finished most of a second one.  The only thing I haven’t finished on that jacket – the bound button holes.  To be more specific, the inside of the bound button holes.  That jacket also has a very spring/summer feel to it, so I am not as motivated to finish it as I probably should be.  But I do love the pattern I made it from – Burda 06-2012-121:

Yes, I finally got around to making this jacket!  Actually it was mostly finished before I even started the teal jacket I entered in the Pattern Review contest.  And it probably has better fit an construction details.  But due to the way it is constructed I wasn’t sure if it followed the contest rules.  So I left it in a partially completed state and hurried to get my second jacket done for the contest.  Now the second jacket is done it is time to return to this project.  But I am very lacking in the motivation to finish off my buttonholes.  So it remains unfinished as yet.  And I don’t really want to write a full review until I am actually done with that jacket.


After a recent splurge on a Fabric Mart sale, I ended up with some metallic suede that I thought would be great for a second version of this jacket.  Which I wasn’t planning on making right away, yet the day after my fabric arrived I found myself cutting out all the pieces.  So much for my month long sewing plans.  I made this jacket a bit different than the first version – I needed underlining and interlining for structure and warmth, which I ignored on my first cotton/linen version.  The suede had a lovely drape to it, but it was terribly thin.  I mean, my linen had a stiffer hand than this poly suede.  It definitely needed help in the structure department.  I also left off the sleeve vents and used machine buttonholes instead of making bound button holes.  Then I got invited to go see an opening day showing of the new Thor movie and I had an insane idea that I would finish the jacket in time to wear to the movie.

Which wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t spent the three previous nights not sleeping in favor of watching the world roller skating championships.  Skating, sewing, and sleeping schedules have all become a jumbled mess so I can try and watch as much of the live video feed as possible.  Which meant planning to finish this jacket on any sort of timetable was just plain silly.  And yet it seems like my best work gets produced under pressure.  So maybe giving myself crazy deadlines actually works better for me?

The lining, underling, and interlining fabrics all came from my stash.  I had hoped that I would have stash buttons to use on this jacket, but sadly I didn’t have any that I thought would be acceptable.  So, with just under two hours before I had to leave for the movie, I made a trip to the local Jo-Ann, pondered over buttons, bought buttons, drove home, made buttonholes, sewed on buttons, and finished the hem.  Yeah, I literally finished this thing moments before running out the door.

But I love it!  About halfway through the project I thought it felt like it had a bit of a steampunk vibe going on, so I decided to just run with that in my button selection.  It wasn’t my intent when I started the project, as originally I was going to just have one button and leave the lapels plain and floppy, but I love the way it looks with all the buttons.  And, I am happy to report, it is quite comfortable to wear as well.  I didn’t quite get the sleeves set in perfectly (I am a bit sad – they went in much better in my other version) but I am so pleased with the fit on the back I almost don’t care.  The lapels are fun too – very military looking when they are buttoned up, but sort of modern and relaxed when they are down.  I felt awesome when I was wearing it, though it didn’t draw any compliments from the peanut gallery.  Well, whatever, I am still really happy with it.  Definitely one of my favorite projects so far this year!

So, without further ado:

My jacket!
Has pockets!
Jacket close-up.
Back of my jacket – the metallic makes it
look more wrinkled than it is in real life.
Swayback issues minimized!

Ah, but why do I call it accidental steampunk?  This is why:

Buttoned up jacket – very steampunk vibe.
Definitely has a more military/industrial feel to it.
Probably going to wear it half buttoned more often,
but I like having this option.
The lining!  Is a panel print poly charmeuse that I got at the Michael Levine Loft.
I tried to used the panels as thoughtfully as possible on the back and on the sleeves.

So there it is!  My new somewhat unplanned and vaguely steampunk-esque jacket.  I am super pleased with the fit, style, and construction.  I think it will be seeing a lot of wear, especially during the fall and early winter months.  Love it!

13 thoughts on “Not a Pattern Review: Accidental Steampunk Jacket

  1. This jacket is fabulous! Love it! Just discovered you actually just searching for people who had done a certain pattern. Now following! Always enjoy reading some who loves sewing like me. 🙂


  2. Oh I like. Is the fabric faux leather or suede? It looks shiny like leather (to me). Don't concern yourself about the sleeves, they look great. I may have to actually buy this pattern because of you.
    Bad enabling blogger.
    Go to your room.


  3. According to my Fabric Mart Order slip the fabric is “Copper/Purple Abstract Metallic Print Poly Faux Suede.” So I guess it is a faux suede. But I think the metallic copper print makes it look more like leather. It also has a nice soft feel to it like leather and does not have the napped texture of suede. Honestly I wanted the look of leather without the price of leather so I was pretty pleased with this fabric when my order came (except for the thinness, but underlining helped with that quite a bit).

    Also: buy the pattern, you know you want to 😉

    Heading to my (sewing) room now. 😛


  4. heheh yea it does look steam punk-you need a monocle 😉 Seriously though, it's very luxe/evening wear looking so you could totally wear it over a flash skirt (or a dark one) for a wedding/party. Nicely done.


  5. Really like it.
    If you are remarking about the slight wrinkle on the top of the sleeves, I tried a little sleeve cap of thin batting thru the sleeve cap area to fix that on a jacket I sewed. Got the idea from the old “Vogue Sewing Book”.


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