Fabric Confessions

Ok, so I was doing really well about not buying fabric.  And then there were a bunch of sales on a lot of fabric I had been thinking about for upcoming projects.  At the same time.  So I may have increased my stash a little bit…

From Fashion Fabrics Club:

I am always on the lookout for good quality navy suiting fabrics, and when they had 100% wool on sale for $4.95 I couldn’t help but pick up a few yards…

Teal will be a jacket, navy will be a full suit, and olive will be pants and a skirt.

From Fabric Mart:

Ok, so when I got notice of they 40-40 sale (they had 40% off the total purchase for 40 hours), I bought two fabrics that had been sitting in my wishlist for quite a while.  Sadly, one was gone before I ordered it, but I did get this lovely emerald no-wale corduroy:

Lovely color, no wale corduroy.  Thinner than the stuff I used on my jacket,
so it should be easier to sew.  I hope.  I have plans to use this with a Burda envelope pattern.

Then, of course, a few days later I realized I needed to get something else for an upcoming project.  So I made use of free shipping to get a few faux leathers and some modal knit:

Back: Navy modal knit.  Will be used to make shirts to wear at skating practice.
Front: Faux leathers.  The one on the right may have already been used.
Which means you might be seeing a finished item post soon…

From Fabric.com:

I was doing really well resisting the sales, but I had been on the lookout for a nice sweater knit to make that new McCall’s peplum cardigan pattern for a while (nothing in my stash seemed quite right).  When they had a sale on sweater knits I went a bit crazy.  But, well, to be fair I do have a lot of sweaters and cardigans that I am planning on sewing up really soon…

The three in the front are much more open weave than I was expecting.
Oh well, I can work with that.  Also, yes, I have a thing for teal.

From JoAnn’s:

I went in to get a few things  – cording, thread, but I ended up getting distracted by their half off red tag sales fabric.  I found this lovely wool blend boucle and some pinstriped denim:

Left: denim for pants.  Center: boucle for a jacket.
I already used the silk on the right for piping my teal jacket project.

So, ummm, yeah.  This whole not adding to the stash thing isn’t working out so well.  But, well, I did just sew about 10 yards of stash fabric into jackets, and a lot of these knits shouldn’t be stash for too long.  So maybe it isn’t quite so bad as it seems?  No, no.  With fabric it is always as bad as it seems.

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