Newsflash: Fall/Winter Marfy Patterns Announced

Marfy is one of those pattern companies where I admire a lot of the designs, and I love when other people make things from their patterns, but I just can’t bring myself to shell out the cash for a single-sized pattern without instructions.  I keep thinking about it, and maybe sometime I will find a pattern I am willing to spend the money on, because I think the details on a lot of the patterns are exquisite, but I just haven’t gone there yet.  Still, there are a lot of fantastic designs for this fall, you can see them all here, so let’s take a look:

F3060 – I love the collar on this jacket, it just feels so elegant.
F3206 – Love the seam details on this biker jacket.
F3010 – Another lovely and elegant design.
Though I see it being a bit more practical for spring than fall, but I still like it.
F3179 – I like the collar and the back.
With the high neck it looks like a great winter coat.
F3195 – Love this trench coat!  Super classic details.
F3219 – Another great trench.  The semi-circle pockets are an interesting detail.
F3201 – Trench coat with a cape.
F3200 – Another coat/cape design.
There was also one of these in the Burda Easy.
Apparently it is a trend this fall?
F3175 – The pocket details are so cute!
F3177 – Loving the collar here, and the pockets as well.
F3188 – An interesting take on the color blocking trend!
Might have to try this on one of my current patterns.
F3215 – This is a pretty basic dress, but really like it anyway.
F3068 – More color blocking.
F2940 – Love the draped neckline on this dress.
F2704 – Looks a lot like the vintage Burda pattern from a few months ago.
F3233 – The neckline on this is stunning.
F3147 – I really like the draped detail on the front of this dress.
F3227 – I love the style of this lovely evening gown.
F3228 – Another stunning gown.

There are lots of other great patterns on the full preview page – even if you aren’t a Marfy fan I still recommend you check out the page because there are lots of fall designs that are way more interesting than anything else we have seen this year.  So, what do you all think?  Do you have any new favorites?  See anything that inspires you to pull out your pocketbooks?  Or does the single sizing and lack of instructions put you off, regardless of the design?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Newsflash: Fall/Winter Marfy Patterns Announced

  1. The red dress and the black dress are both beautiful but yea the single pattern thing is a bummer. It's expensive and they don't do my size and without multi-sizes I'm not confident enough I can grade the complexities to my size so – avoiding 'em for now…


  2. I'd probably buy some of these if they came with instructions. The trenches are just what I've been looking for. The single sizing isn't such a problem for me because I'm lucky enough to not require lots of alterations. It's good to see patterns with interesting details. Vogue please take note!


  3. I love that Marfy patterns are interesting and sophisticated – no basics, nothing boring. That said, I've been hesitant because of the single sizing. Plus, because the patterns are so specific and non-vanilla, I'd really have to know that I was going to sew it up right away to buy. Someday I will – when I want to sew something specific and they have the right pattern. I just don't think that Marfy is for stashing.


  4. Another difficulty – the coats and jackets DON'T come with lining patterns. You've got to draft your own – eeek! I somehow managed it when I made a Marfy coat last year… but it was certainly challenging. The amount of wear I get from that coat justifies it for me though. I've just finished making 2940 – the knit dress. It's awesome!


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