A Little Bit of Baking

I wouldn’t call myself an expert in the kitchen, but I do like to cook and I also enjoy baking from time to time.  And this seems to be the summer of blueberries.  First I saw these awesome muffins over on Clio’s blog.  And then The Curious Kiwi made some excellent looking scones.  And then Clio went and made pancakes.  And so I really really wanted some pastries with blueberries in them.  The slight hiccup is that, for a little over a year, I have been eating a gluten-free diet.  It started as an experiment, that actually had a big impact on the way I was feeling, and now it is a way of life.  I haven’t been medically diagnosed with this problem, but I do feel incredibly sick with intense stomach pain when I eat foods that contain gluten (basically I avoid wheat, barley, and rye, though wheat is the most common and causes me the most severe reaction), and I am smart enough to figure out that I probably shouldn’t eat it, even without a doctor’s warning.  However, when people post awesome looking baked goods I can’t help but feel a little left out.  So I did what everyone in my generation would do – I turned to google.

And lo – it had answers!  I found a ton of recipes for gluten-free baked goods, and I have been having a lot of fun trying them.  Baking with non-wheat flours is definitely an interesting experience, as they behave very different as far as cooling, and firming, and maintaining consistency go.  But the end product is still delicious.  My latests attempts were based on the recipe here, though I used one cup of fresh blueberries instead of half dried and half chocolate chips.  The resulting scones – delicious!
I doubled the recipe to get about two dozen scones.
Mmmm, blueberries.  Omm nom nom.
I definitely see more gluten-free baking experiments in my future!

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