Tales from the Road: Petrified Forest National Park

The next stop on my adventure to the 2013 National Roller Skating Championships is the Petrified Forest National Park.  I have to say that this was probably my favorite stop on the trip.  The first several viewpoints (north of the I-40) overlook the Painted Desert, which is a pretty view, but somewhat reminiscent of the scenery on the drive.  South of the I-40, however, are some of the most fantastic natural settings I have seen.  There are natural and man-made historic sights, most of which are totally worth seeing.  If you find yourself passing through Arizona, I highly recommend the Petrified National Forest as a worthwhile detour.

A view of the Painted Desert
A view of the Painted Desert after a (very windy) thunderstorm.
The change in colors is stunning!
Old car as a monument to Route 66.
Newspaper Rock – If you look closely at the base of the rock
you can see man made petroglyphs.
This was probably the my favorite portion of the drive –
the colors in the rock are absolutely breath-taking!
The Petrified Forest!
Look at all of the beautiful colors!
Definitely a fun stop – you should visit if you ever have the chance.  Up next: Grand Canyon!

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