Newsflash: September Burda Full Preview Posted

Burda Russia has posted the full preview of the September issue.  And I am sad you guys.  Really sad.  This year on the whole has got to be the worst fall pattern releases I have seen since I have started sewing.  Fall is always my favorite time of year (I love the cool crisp feel to the air), and I especially love the fall fashions.  But this year everything is so boring!  On one hand I guess I am happy I have time to go back in my sewing queue and make things I have been thinking about for a good long while, on the other hand I am sad that all of the new patterns are so boring.  But, well, if I gave the time to look through all the other issues, I suppose I should look through this one as well.

And I suppose there were a few good things.  If, you know, you need a pencil skirt or something…

I do think this pencil skirt with the long overlap is pretty sexy.
Possible risk of showing too much?  I won’t know ’til I see the pattern…
This skirt with the extra fluff is sort of pretty… (well, not the fabric)
But I think the proportions are a bit off.  Maybe if the drape was a bit smaller?
This dress is basic, but fairly nice.
(Easier to see with the line drawing)
Also available as a shirt.
With pockets!
But if you had a nice long top with pockets,
why would you tuck it into those frumpy pants?
This jackets isn’t my personal style…
…but I can appreciate the drafting on those sleeve seams.
The long version is a bit more me…
But I am not sure if I actually like the shape on the sleeves.
Might be interesting to see if I could re-draft them?
But then again, there are so many other coat patterns I like more,
so it is probably not worth my time.

There are a lot of patterns this time around where I am not sure how I feel.  They all have something I can appreciate, but none of them grab me as being something I necessarily want to take the time to actually make.  These are ones where I would really love to hear what everyone thinks in the comments:

I am so torn on this dress!  I love the neckline, the gathering, the back.
I even like the print blocking with the black (though I would totally pick another print).
Hate hate hate the sleeves!  They look so frumpy and shapeless.  Conceptually I get
that they are there to give a “kimono look” to the dress, but I think they kill the design. 
Wouldn’t this be better sleeveless?  I think it would be better sleeveless.
Or capped sleeves?  Or fitted sleeves?  I am so not a fan of these sleeves.
Would definitely be my favorite pattern this issue with a change to the sleeves.
I think it is the model photo that makes me hate the sleeves so much.
They are not flattering at all.
Cocoon coat.  I suppose I have to give Burda credit for being not boring?
I like the black contrast… But I am not sure if I actually like it as a whole.
I mean, with the holes in the sleeves?  Is that really functional?
I don’t know how I feel about the look on the model either…
Ok, the shape and fabric print of this dress don’t do much for me…
The line drawing isn’t that interesting either…
But throw it on the model with a belt?
Much better.  Hmmm…
My feelings are mixed.
I am torn between “cute blouse” and “high school prom tuxedo shirt.”
Are the ruffle details cute and feminine?
Or does it just look like sewing room fabric scraps got stuck to the shirt?
The darting on the front of this shirt makes nice shaping.
The back… looks like a waitresses apron.
On the model it looks more like a coat than a shirt.
I feel like playing with the pattern a bit
(maybe adding a peplum to the back and pockets on the side?)
could produce a pretty cute fall jacket.  Especially in leather.
This jacket is ok, but maybe a bit bath-robe-ish.
The seaming on the back is a nice detail though.
I actually sort of like this shirt dress.
The off-center buttons are a nice detail.
Wish there was a bit more shaping.
I like the wide belt, but it makes the buttons look a bit random.
Styling this one might take some thought…
Not sure I am liking this basic coat all that much.
This sweater top feels a bit juvenile to me,
but might be a great pattern if you are sewing for teens?

The Plus section was another mixed bag of boring and bad:

Tunic pattern isn’t too bad… But wait, are those sheep?
I am torn between “why are you wearing sheep?”
and “I need one for the next time I play Settlers of Catan!”
Line drawing makes me actually like this pattern though.
Looks much better in basic white I think.
This top isn’t too bad.
But if the neck ruffle is detachable, you might as well just leave it off completely.
I think this coat had potential, but I am not a fan of the finished product.
And this is a total WTF.  Why are you wearing dangly coins on your boobs?
As a costume… maybe.  As serious clothing… no.

Of course, that wasn’t even the lowest of the low.  There was some really tragic stuff in the regular sections you guys…

Boring Burda sack dress.
Because we really really needed another one.
The dress looks more like an undergarment.
Maybe in a spring issue I would be ok with it.
I’m going to freeze to death wearing it in fall.
Cardigans are always useful.
But this one is just so frumpy!
Looks too much like a bathrobe.
A sad, brown, boring bathrobe.
This pants pattern is deceptively good looking…
But the model photos do not look good.
Bad enough you are wearing a giant bib,
but then you had to embroider a flower on it?
Another Downton Abbey grandma dress.
On this time in a really ugly fabric.
It makes me think of Captain EO and marshmallows.
Captain Marshmallow?
(And this is the special “Exclusive” pattern for the month too.)

And then Burda has this really weird section dedicated to outfits with stars on them…

Ok, this shirt isn’t bad, and the stars are pretty subtle.
But then they get bigger…
And bigger…
And bigger!
(Ahhhhh, it’s eating my boob ahhhh!)
Oh, and you can learn to knit them too!

And they didn’t just ruin things by adding stars…

This purse is actually really cute!  But the fringe is a total head scratcher.
Can you say tacky?

So, as you can see, this issue is a total mixed bag.  There are a few things that are decent (maybe even good…. or, well, have the potential to be good) but there is also a whole lot of fugly going on.  It made choosing the top and bottom patterns quite difficult this month, but in the end I am giving the Best of BS for September to:

The simple sheath dress!

Ok, I really really wanted to give it to the kimono style dress, because I feel like there are a lot more design elements to appreciate there.  And I am way more likely to sew it (with the obvious changes) than I am this dress, but, well, I have to be fair and judge the patterns as Burda presents them.  And honestly out of everything this was the design that was most wearable and flattering as is.

And, finally, the worst pattern of the month – the BWTF Award for September goes to:

The giant bib vest of doom!

It was the flower embroidery that sent it over the top.  Notice how the model is cleverly positioned to hide how unflattering this voluminous thing really is?  Burda should have just given us the pattern for that black turtleneck instead.  It would have been infinitely more useful.

And that’s what I got.  Overall… not super excited.  Though I have to say that this could be a bit of a sleeper issue for me.  The more I look at the kimono dress (and mentally erase the sleeves), the more I really really like it.  The asymmetrical shirt dress is growing on me too.  And depending on the coverage of that first pencil skirt I may want to make one of those.  But the rest of the issue?  Meh.  So… Are you all seeing things you love?  Or is everything going to take too many alterations to be worth the trouble?  Anyone else finding that the patterns are more palatable the longer they look?  Or is this an issue you are going to flip through and then toss on a shelf?  It feels like there are a lot of patterns here that could work but will depend heavily on the styling.  What do you all think?  Feel free to discuss (or snark about stars, fringe, and coins) in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Newsflash: September Burda Full Preview Posted

  1. Ewww. Just, ewww. For a while I wanted to renew my subscription. I'm so glad I didn't. I agree — what is with the pattern companies this month? They'r horrid. Thank God for the independent companies, as that's where I'll be spending my money.


  2. Not promising, I agree. I like the white coat although I'd never make it. The kimono dress – no. Although for me it's the gathers that are putting me off rather than the sleeves.


  3. I think the kimono dress has too many different ideas fighting with each other. Eliminate one, and I might like the dress.

    And that blond model – what's with the haven't showered this week hair?

    Maybe they are betting that the stick a bird on it trend will become a stick a star on it trend?


  4. Well,,…Burda isn't boring. I like 101A/B , but needs a cami underneath. I will probably make 113 because I have some black stretch lace in my stash. I really like 112 – Downtown dress. I hadn't seen any I liked before that are similar to this. 129 the kimono coat is intriguing and 108 is so 1980's I love it!


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