Newsflash: Burda 2013 Fall/Winter Pattern Collection

Ok, I don’t think this has been officially announced (since I have been stalking the Simplicity website, and the main page of the German website only mentioned the early preview), but as has been indicated by the inside cover of the most recent Burda magazines, it seems that the full collection can be seen on the main German website here, or on this UK website here.

My assessment: overall this is probably the best collection I have seen thus far for the fall season.  I don’t think there was any one stand out pattern that I love, but there are definitely a good handful of patterns I know I am going to add to my collection either because they are pretty and I like them or because they will be incredibly useful.  I really like a lot of the fancy dress and gown patterns, and there are a few jackets that are really nice.  In addition to a decent number of good patterns, there are a few patterns that are really out there.  So even if it isn’t all good, at least it isn’t boring!  Let’s take a look:

First, some of my favorites…

LOVE this dress pattern.  Simple, elegant, lovely.
Not sure how I feel about the shoulder ruffles,
but I love the neckline on the short version.
A really basic evening gown pattern.
I like the A/C combination.
If I ever need to dress like a Disney princess…
Don’t care for this as much as the other patterns…
I find I actually rather like this peplum pattern as well.
I am liking the dress and the top much more than the skirt through.
A nice basic sheath dress pattern.
I actually rather like this Petite dress.
Another peplum top…
Hmmm, this should look familiar to magazine readers
This looks similar to the previous pattern…
This is probably my favorite pattern of the entire release!
I LOVE the seams on this coat/jacket – sleek and modern.
A bit sad that it is for petite sizes… But I am going to get it anyway.
I also really love the short jacket in this pattern.
This looks like the quintessential jean jacket pattern.
I actually really like the sleeveless version of this top.
I think it would be great for layering.
Ok, so this is a basic raglan tee shirt pattern.
BUT that turtleneck looks so useful for 6am skating practice.
Yup, this is going to be a must-buy for me.
I suppose the pleating on this could be really unflattering,
yet I am still somewhat drawn to it.  It is a bit of a gamble.
Ok, this looks like a skirt, but these are actually pants!
Actually, view B is a skort.
Yes, I know, skorts are so 90s.  And probably should be left there.
But I don’t have any skort patterns.  And I want one.

 There were also some great patterns for men, and a few maternity and vintage patterns.  On the whole the Plus patterns were a bit meh (though they do have one nice jacket pattern which I think was perhaps in one of the magazines?), and there were more costume patterns than I usually see from Burda.

A nice man’s jacket pattern.
And some pants.
This maternity jacket is actually pretty cute
(especially the longer version).
And this maternity skirt could be really useful for the working mom-to-be.
There were several “Vintage Burda” dress patterns –
this was probably the most interesting.
I do like this retro style coat though.
This was probably the most interesting of the plus patterns,
but I am pretty sure it was in one of the magazines this past year.
Downton Abbey inspired costume.
I know Burda is trying to pass this off as “fashion”
but the spats pattern makes me want this for costume purposes only.
*giggle* *snort*

 The rest of the patterns ranged from boring to crazy…

Most of the coat patterns were rather boxy and shapeless.
Though I guess the cape-ish one has a bit of a Sherlock feel to it?
I suppose this isn’t exactly boring… but I don’t exactly like it either.
I feel like you could do some serious damage if your
shoulders ran into anyone while wearing this coat…
I know peplums are a thing, but this is just too much.
I can’t decide… I want to like the ruffles
but I feel like they are just too big.
Peplums gone wrong.

So, what do you all think?  See anything here you really like?  Or are you all totally bored?  Did we finally get a good pattern collection for fall?  Or was everything else just so incredibly bad that even mediocre patterns look fantastic at this point?  And is anyone beside me really sad that the 7027 pattern is for petites?  (Honestly – look at it up close – aren’t the details lovely?  And I am thinking about doing the shoulders in a contrasting fabric detail…)  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

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