What the Fabric: Celebrating the 4th

Ok, so I know I have seen a lot of crazy fabrics on other sewing blogs and often thought WTF?  (The infamous silk South Park fabric comes to mind.)  Now, I have seen some ugly fabrics in my time, but never anything so terrible I had to share it with the internet.  Well, at least, not until now.  So I proudly present a new (hopefully infrequent) series here on Sew Skate Read – What the Fabric? – wherein we look at crazy ass fabric and collectively think, WTF?

So, here it is in all its crazy star-spangled glory:

Spangled stars and six pack abs… Should I start singing “America the Beautiful”?

Anyone else thinking the only appropriate use for this fabric is the Burda dress Gertie used for her Bombshell Dress Craftsy course?

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