Newsflash: August Burda Early Preview Posted

August is always a transitional issue as Burda moves from boring simple summer patterns to more detailed fall and winter looks.  This year looks to continue that trend.  Can’t say I am salivating over any of these designs just yet, but, well, certainly looks better than July.  Right now I am questioning some of their fabric choices, but at least a few of the patterns look very wearable.  And some are even interesting (maybe not my personal style, but at least not boring).  You can see the early preview on the Russian Burda website, but I figure we might as well take a look here too:

Shirt might be ok, but the fabric choice seems a bit…  crafty?
Design lines are interesting… I am rather drawn to that skirt.
Love the look of this in the photo, might be a bit bath-robe-ish in person?
Still, I’m thinking it might be fun to do a red coat this year.
Dress is… ok.  Not sure how I feel about the neck ruff.
Yay!  Love the jacket and the pants.
Jacket might be cute (maybe with different sleeves?),
but pairing it with that top feels a bit mismatched.
Still love the pants, intrigued by the top.
Peplum looks a bit too full in the front,
but I am sure it could be altered a bit.
Inspired by Downton Abbey?
Is it me or does this just feel… outdated?
Same pants as above.  The jacket is a bit boxy for my taste.
Does this feel vaguely 80s?  No evil 80s – stay away!!!
The traditional August cape (there is always a cape pattern in August).
Actually I think this is pretty cute.
Do I want one?  Maybe I want one.
I really like this!  Too bad the jacket is for Tall sizes.
Why do I always seem to like the patterns drafted for Tall sizes?
Again, more boxy than I really like for me,
but some of the details are nice.
The Plus patterns look good this month!
The fabric might be a bit crazy but those pants are fabulous.
Cute dress for the Plus patterns.
Love this!  The Plus patterns are a total win this month.

So, what do you all think?  See anything you are dying to have in your collection?  At least it is better than July… and actually better than a lot of the recent Big4 patterns as well.  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Newsflash: August Burda Early Preview Posted

  1. It's not all bad, but they veer wildly from crafty to Star Trek to Muppets (neck-ruff) to Downton Abbey. That peplum looks as though it was installed backward and totally the wrong proportions for her height. And as much as I love (!) the scarf-print pants, I'm wondering about their pattern placement and why we don't get a straight-front view- crotch-frame! eek!


  2. I like the skirt with the lines but other than that, there's not much there that inspires me. I'll be glad when they give up on the peplums.


  3. I'm looking forward to this issue! I have a few yards of purple plaid wood that want to be made into that cape ;-). I can probably get on board with the leather jacket, pants, and peplum blouse, too…although I might try what Seamstresskimberly said, and reverse it…or something :-P.


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