Newsflash: Burda Fall/Winter Collection Early Preview Posted

German Burda has posted a few preview pictures of the upcoming Fall/Winter 2013 envelope pattern collection.

So far from the previews…. meh.  I am actually more excited about some of the patterns I have seen in the upcoming August Burda than I am by most of these preview images.  But, well, this is only a limited sampling, so I won’t be too quick to dismiss this release as of yet.  In any case, let’s take a look at what Burda is putting together for this season:

Fall dress… sort of meh for me.  Not a fan of the sleeves and
I know the skirt wouldn’t be a flattering look for me.
More peplums!  Actually I sort of like this one?
At least it doesn’t look like it is put on backwards.
Ruffly pencil skirt for the ruffle fans in the audience.
Meh.  Wait.  Does her shirt have shoulder pads?
Tell me we are not returning to the horror of 80s fashion!
Weird saggy crotch pants.
I like the hood.  Not really loving the
 boxy shape of the rest of the coat though.
Maternity wear.  Hopefully they will have more patterns.
Not a fan of this dress, but at least they have patterns for that phase of life.
Retro Burda.
More retro Burda.
Would it be too much to ask for some 50s patterns?  Please?
Cute jacket for the Burda Plus styles.
Actually this ball gown is sort of pretty.
The peplum is ok, but the neck ruffle is just a bit too much.
Hot!  When I find out the pattern number for this baby it is so going on my wish list.
Is the same dress as above with a sequin shawl thing?
Not sure, but I love the drape of the skirt.
Spats pattern!  I need this for my costume pattern collection.
More Burda costumes!  Where was this pattern in March when I needed it…
Sexy alien or crazy person.  You decide.
(The sad thing is I might buy this to get the unitard pattern.
Yes, being a skating person means I am allowed to have crazy patterns.)
Boring generic pattern.
Burda Hipster.
Yeah, I am going to get it for that jacket pattern.
Been doing too much sewing for guys to miss out on that.

So, what do you all think?  See anything good so far?  Or a bunch of duds?  I am going to wait for the full collection before I pick a side of the fence to stand on, but other than the hipster and the spats, I am not seeing a whole lot that gets me excited.  Oh well, at least I will still have the fall/winter patterns in the magazines to look forward to.

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