Burda May Early Preview Posted

The Russian Burda website has posted the early preview for May.  I have to say that, although it is early to tell yet, I am excited.  Or, well, at least I am not bored.  Which means there is potential for me to be excited.  May is typically the “spring dress” issue, and this year looks like no exception:

Pretty!  Maybe not something I would sew for myself, but pretty nonetheless.
Want!  I haven’t really been on board with the whole maxi dress thing,
and I know the top on this is pretty basic and fairly low cut,
but something about this dress just makes me want one.
Hmmmm… Not sure if I am a fan?  Maybe I need to see the line drawing…
Also not sure if I would sew this for me, but it is a nice spring dress.

Aside from the dresses there wasn’t too much of note in the preview, but here are a few other things to look at…

Ruffle skirt.  I think I have other ruffle skirts I like better, but this might be of interest.
I will wait for the line drawing to pass judgement.
What???  A Burda bikini pattern that doesn’t look like a diaper?
Actually, the top provides more bust coverage than many of their dresses do.
I think I approve…
Usually I am not a fan of the sack tops, but for some reason I find this one oddly appealing?
Perhaps it is just a nice photograph…
Or maybe the sunny weather has me thinking of summer already.
I can fly I can fly I can fly!
It is just so drab.  And ill fitting.  Not a fan.
Not really a fan of the skirt, but I may find use for the top pattern.
I know they want me to look at the kid, but I am looking at the back of that shirt!
Crossing the fingers that it is a pattern (but probably not).

All in all May looks like it will at least be better than April.  So, what do you all think?  Are you excited for the May dresses?  Or are you bored by the baggy beach wear and cover ups?  Anyone else want to cross their fingers on the knit top in the kids photo?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Burda May Early Preview Posted

  1. I am thoroughly on board with the maxi and the sack top (oddly, yes!) Lets hope the low back ruched top is a pattern! I get excited for the spring and summer issues too.


  2. Love that second dress you posted ( the maxi with the bands) but the rest leaves me a bit cold. Probably because it's still winter weather in the UK and I'm wearing four layers every day. Maybe when the magazine is out things will have warmed up!


  3. The maxi looks awesome. Flight top look a-right as well. Too bad we're shifting into winter now.. The jumpsuit is a repeat from an old burda easy-but looser for whatever reason..


  4. First time for me. First Burda pattern (May 105) first time to visit you blog. I need help. I don't understand the direction for the under sleeve. Any ideas? Thank you


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