Newsflash: New McCall’s Patterns Announced

McCall’s is ready for it to be summer!  And they aren’t afraid to let us know it, especially with the cheesy painted beach background they decided to use for their latest pattern releases.  All in all… meh.  I am not too interested in most of the new designs.  Mostly because I feel like they are shapes I have seen before, or that I have something similar in one of my Burda magazines.  And, well, since these are summer looks, most of them have the oversized baggy easy I try so hard to avoid.  So I don’t think there will be much for me in this release, but let’s take a look anyway.  Here are some of the more exciting options for summer:

M6759 – Summer is here!  Swimsuit pattern with various one- and two-piece options.
M6751 – Tank top with criss-cross strap details.
M6756 – Fashion Star shorts (in super short and Bermuda lengths).
The lace short seems to be a huge trend right now – I have already seen
a ton of girls wearing them out and about…
M6745 – A nice halter dress.  Similar to other patterns I already own, but cute.
M6740 – Button front dress.  Can’t decide if I actually like it, but the stripes make it interesting.
M6754 – I love the chevron pattern created by the seaming and the stripes!
M6752 – The knit dress is ok, but sort of boring.
But this pattern does contain some other interesting pieces…
M6752 Line Drawings – I am loving the view C top!  Might have to get this pattern for that reason.
M6750 – Palmer/Pletsch Shirt pattern. Lots of darts to create a perfect fit.
M6757 – Palmer/Pletsch pants and skirt pattern.  Nice classic shape with lot of darts for fitting.

Of course, with the good there was a lot of not so good…

M6760 – Fashion Star dress and jumpsuit.  Now, I love a wide-legged pant, but those legs are ginormous!
M6743 – Draped dress.  To be fair, it is also pictured with a belt,
but even that doesn’t do much to cut down on the volume.
Also, I think this would be a great summer maternity dress,
but if you aren’t pregnant, why would you want to look like you are?
M6746 – A Generation Next dress pattern.  I hate to say it,
but the way the hem is wadded up makes me think of a giant diaper.
M6753 – Oversized tunic pattern.  The plaid boucle and straight cut
does nothing to create any sort of a figure.
M6739 – Sack dress extreme!  It really does look like it was fashioned out of a giant sack.

Finally, a few fun patterns of note:

M6770 – An over the top costume-ish pattern.
Looks a bit crazy with the jacket, bustle, and skirt all together.
It also comes with culottes!   
I have to admit I really like the lace-up back to the jacket though.
Might have to get it for my costume pattern collection.
M6764 – The doll clothes are super cute!  Love their little jackets…

So, what do you all think?  Is it summer time?  Are you ready to be making bathing suits and tank tops?  What do you all think about the latest patterns?  Anything you can’t live without?  Or are you going to stick to sewing from your stash?  Did I miss anything exciting from the full preview?  Are we sick of giant draped sack patterns yet?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Newsflash: New McCall’s Patterns Announced

  1. For once I am glad our summer is over and winter sewing calls! Not much here that I am interested in either – makes me thankful for my own little stash I can shop through.
    Those lacy shorts where very popular on young girls these past few months Down Under and looked surprisingly stylish … J


  2. I have to agree the jacket in the costume pattern has potential, and the included skirt looks similar to a Burda pattern that was released earlier this year.
    The only other pattern I perhaps considered was the Fashion Star shirtwaist dress – not in lime green though.


  3. Oh! I totally missed this. I have to tell you, I've got a serious and inadvisable crush on the Generation Next bubble hem mullet dress…


  4. Oh and M6770 – I have a hard time hating any pattern that looks like it was designed with Helena Bonham Carter in mind. 😉


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