Newsflash: New Jalie Patterns

The Canadian pattern company Jalie just announced their latest patterns on their main website.  Jalie offers a nice selection of activewear patterns, but many of their tops/jeans/jackets are super popular as well.  Personally I find most of the latest patterns for every day clothes to be a bit boring, but there are a few new leotard patterns that might be of interest to the skating seamstresses out there.

J3241 – A nice leotard pattern with contrast fabrics.
J3240 – Another leotard pattern with a skating skirt attached.
J3239 – Leotard pattern with leggings attached.
J3247 – Athletic crop top and shorts.
J3242 – More athletic undergarment patterns.
For the seamstress who isn’t interested in athletic gear, there are a some regular clothing patterns:
J3248 – A draped cardigan pattern.
J3246 – Maxi dress.
J3245 – Raglan t-shirt and tank top pattern.
J3243 – Elastic waisted pants.

And, because it is so hilarious:

J3244 – Footie PJ pattern!
Personally I prefer my Kwik Sew leotard patterns to the Jalie patterns I have used, but I do like that all of the sizes are included with Jalie, so if I need to sew for small children I won’t have to look for a different pattern.  I might order the activewear patterns at some point in the future, but I think I can pass on the everyday clothes.  Either because I find them sort of boring (like the maxi dress) or I have something comprable already.  Has anyone else sewn with Jalie?  How do you like their patterns?  Do any of the new ones tempt you?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Newsflash: New Jalie Patterns

  1. Footie pajamas?! I'm hooked. As a small child, footie pajamas never fit me right because I had long legs and a short torso, so I would shuffle around with the crotch between my thighs. Perhaps I can save a small sibling from a similar fate!


  2. I have never sewn a Jalie pattern, for some reason their styles don't grab me. I think it is partly the photography and illustrations, I think they could do a better job of both. I feel guilty about this, as I feel I should support Canadian companies. Oh well. They seem to be doing just fine without me. If I had kids however, I am certain I would buy every pattern because of the cradle to grave sizing.

    PS-if I still lived in the Yukon I would buy the footie pjs in a second. Heather-are you listening?


  3. I have bought a few of these patterns. The one that got me in was the elastic waisted pants…I have had so much trouble finding this basic pattern for my daughter now that she is past the small child age…she likes to sew pyjamas and shorts for herself, so I am thinking this will be great.


  4. I love Jalie patterns, especially the family patterns. I have a pattern for men, women and children. I only need to buy one for my whole family. We just got the onesie PJ, but we will make the version without the feet.


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