Newsflash: New Vogue Patterns Announced!

Vogue has announced their latest collection of patterns for spring!  If drapey dresses and oversized suits are your thing – you are in luck!  This is the spring pattern collection for you.  Although, I have to admit, despite my best efforts I have been won over by more than a few of these patterns myself.  There are lots of designer looks, along with a few Vintage Vogue and some nice Easy Options as well.  Let’s take a peak…

There are lots of springy designer patterns this time around:

V1339 – Guy Laroche.  I like the gathers on the skirt,
but I also know that this would not be a flattering look for me.
The pattern is ok, but I think I will pass.
V1340 – Pamella Rolland.  Not exactly a fan of the crumb-catcher look myself,
but I am sort of intrigued by it from a structural integrity standpoint.
V1343 – Tracy Reese.  This is a nice enough pattern for spring, but nothing I haven’t seen before.
V1347 – Chado Ralph Ruchi.  Vogue seems to be embracing the oversized look this time around.
V1346 – Donna Karen.  This actually reminds me a
lot of the retro Burda reprint swing coat from last year.
V8876 – Marcy Tilton.  Another oversized sack dress…
Though the print on this makes me think oversized baseball jersey?
V8885 – Elizabeth Gillett NYC.  I think this is a nice pattern for a lightweight sweater.
I really like view D. Perhaps for my Missoni knit?  Not such a fan of the other styles.
V1341 – Donna Karen.  I LOVE the neckline.  Not sure if the other pleating details
might result in a “pregnancy pooch” look.  I think I like it enough to risk it though…
V1342 – Donna Karen.  Another pretty knit dress.  I love the gathering on the bodice.
I feel like this would look fantastic in a fabric with non-uniform stripes…

There were a few new Vintage Vogue patterns as well…

V8874.  I like the neckline and skirt, but I am not a fan of the location of that ribbon trim.
V8875.  A classic sheath dress with lightweight overcoat – I am sort of falling for this pattern,
though I don’t know if I would actually wear it?

And there were a few other modern looks I took a bit of a fancy to as well…

V8872.  I rather liked this structured Vogue Easy Options dress.
The skirt and sleeve options leave lots of room for creativity.
V8882.  I love that this skirt is flat and fitted at the top, with more flare at the bottom.
I think I am going to get this so I can pare it with some of the Burda bodice patterns that would
otherwise  expect me to make a dirndl skirt.
V8884.  Classic trench.  I am always weak when it comes to classy coat patterns.
V8888.  A recent slip success by Clio has me thinking it might be nice to make one of my own…
V8888 – A luxurious silk bathrobe would be awesome too…

Oh, and Vogue did the dudes a few favors this time around as well.

V8890.  Yeah, I know, the only patterns for guys are suits and costumes.
But I think this is a pretty nice suit.
V8889.  They also tossed in a shirt pattern this time too!

Of course, not everything was springtime sunshine and roses.  There were a few head scratchers as well…

V8877.  Ok, there isn’t anything inherently wrong with this oversized blouse – I am just using
it as a representative for the 20 other oversized blouse patterns Vogue also released this time around.
V1336 – Today’s Fit pattern.  I know color blocking is a thing right now, but I have to say this is one of the least appealing color block patterns I have seen.  I mean, check out the back…
It makes the body look shapeless.  And the fabric on those sleeves?
V8887 – A Wardrobe pattern.  Somehow the oversized jacket and cut off pants make me
think of a teen who went on a growth spurt more than a sophisticated woman headed to work.
V8879 – Perfect for viewing the tramp stamp!
V8892 – Purse pattern.  Actually, with a few tweaks it could look a lot like the starfleet insignia from Star Trek…

And that’s that!  Another Vogue release down.  Overall I think there are some nice looks for spring, but not too many stand out patterns.  Though I do really like those two Donna Karen dress patterns.  What do you all think?  Did you see anything that has you swooning?  Or has the oversized draped look left you wanting more?  I have to admit I haven’t been too impressed with the spring looks from the rest of the Big4, but there are a few patterns here that might have me waiting for a sale.  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Newsflash: New Vogue Patterns Announced!

  1. I will have to get the red DK dress but that's about it. IThere are a few other nice designer pieces but I feel they won't work on me or I already have something similar in my Burda collection. Still with the crazy shipping I can't buy just 1 so it will have to find some friends, maybe I'll find some before the next sale.


  2. There's some interesting stuff there although few would pass my lifestyle compatability test. I would definitely lose food particles/meals down the front of the V1340 dress.

    Like you, I'm not sure I'd wear V8875 but I'm drawn to it. The bag reminds me of a piece of tailor's chalk so it could be fun to make it for a sewing friend.


  3. Once again you and I are not in agreement about a pattern release! The two of us are incredibly consistent in completely opposite directions. Makes me giggle every time I read one of your reviews. 😎


  4. Haha, yeah seems like that is always the case. I have to admit I try to be halfway objective and halfway view things from the “what would I buy/make/wear” standpoint. Believe me when I say I can see how some of the things I like would not work or be practical for others, and I can see how some of the patterns I find tragically dull might actually look fantastically cute on someone else. I always like to hear other opinions though – especially when they differ from mine. Makes the discussion and commentary more interesting!


  5. I'm thrilled by a new lingerie pattern! (typical) And the men's shirt and DK patterns will definitely be coming my way – love that crazy asymmetrical dress!

    I have to say, when I saw the 8872 Easy Options dress I was instantly turned off by how thin the model is – actually I found it pretty shocking. I'm not trying to be hostile toward other women's bodies or make any kind of judgement – obviously, there are some women who are super-svelte and come by it naturally. But for some reason I'm turned off to the whole pattern, which is weird since based on the line art this is probably a pattern that I would really like, otherwise, and it's sewn up in two of my favorite colors. Just wondering if anyone else even noticed or whether this is just a weird me thing…


  6. Hmmm… You know, that model does look super thin. I wasn't even paying attention to it because I was looking more at the line drawings. I think the same model is shown in some of the other photos though and she looks model thin but not creepy thin in those. I think the thinness in that one design might be a result of the angle, the dress, and the belt working together (I have to admit I have a few pictures of myself at that angle taken by skating photographers and my waist also looks really freakishly tiny). I don't know that I have even been put off of a pattern by the model's body before, though I can sort of see why the skeletal body shape might freak you out a bit.


  7. “Oversized baseball jersey.” LOL. Yeah, I wasn't too impressed by this round either. Some cute, wearable stuff, but nothing really special. And the problem with the red Donna Karan is that you can't wear a regular bra with it–that slash at the shoulder would show it.


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