Newsflash: My Image Spring/Summer Magazine And Other Announcements

There are a few news items on my sewing agenda today….

(1) Im Image Spring/Summer 2013

For the sewing magazine fanatics out there – My Image has just announced their Spring/Summer issue for 2013.  You can check out a full preview of the magazine here.  Line drawings for the patterns can be viewed here.  And the My Image webshop is located here.

Overall I think this is a pretty solid issue – a nice mix of dresses, tops, shorts, pants, and lightweight jackets.
Overview of line drawings.
I have to say that I really like the top 1306B and 1310 dress (though perhaps not in the drab color palate they chose for the magazine picture…).  I like the 1305 shorts in the line drawing, but I am not such a fan of the model picture.  I don’t know if there are any stand-out must-buy patterns in this issue for me, but there do look to be a lot of great everyday sort of patterns.  I have only sewn one My Image pattern so far, but the draft was good and I wear it all the time.  So I am a fan of the My Image patterns in general.  I am just not sure if there are any patterns in this issue specifically that I want to sew more than other patterns I already have.
For those of you who enjoy sewing for little ones, the new Young Image has also been released.
(2) Burda Easy in English

In other sewing magazine news, GLP International has informed my that Burda Easy will now be available in English!  Usually I am not super excited by the Burda Easy magazine patterns, but it is nice to know that if I see something I like in the future, I won’t have to translate from German.  I haven’t yet seen an announcement for any of the 2013 Burda Easy issues yet, but I will be sure to post when they go up on the German or Russian sites.
(3) I can sew again!

Yes, that’s right – my sewing space is once again operational!  There is still some work to be done, a few boxes of non-sewing temporary storage happening…  But there is enough room for me to sew!  And press!  And serge!  And cut out patterns (my major hold-up the past month).  Which means that hopefully this sewing blog will be featuring finished projects again soon.  Up first are skating costumes for my tutorial, followed by coats, jackets, and other planned projects from my year-long sewing list.  Oh and I need to start working on costumes for some skating people as well.  Now if only this darned cold would go away so I would feel like sitting at the machine instead of under my blanket…
So tell me – what do you all think of the new My Image?  Are you loving the spring/summer looks?  Or are you going to stick with patterns in your stash?  Will an English version of Burda Easy make it more enticing or are the patterns usually too boring to matter which language they come in?  And, I must ask – how long does it usually take you to set up your sewing space after a move?  Is it the first thing to be operational, or does it get put in place little by little?  I must admit to feeling like quite the slacker at taking nearly a month to get my sewing area operational again, but it also seems like I have been more busy this past month than I was even when I was trying to finish up school.  Anyway, I look forward to being back in action soon!

2 thoughts on “Newsflash: My Image Spring/Summer Magazine And Other Announcements

  1. For the first time ever I have a separate room to do sewing in (although it's also our spare bedroom). It's great to be able to leave the sewing machine set up.

    I'm sticking to stash fabric and patterns for the next few months after finding a box of fabric I'd forgotten about. I'm working my way through some of last year's Burdastyle magazines.

    I think a month is hardly slacking after the busy year you've described in your posts. You must be very organised to get so much done.

    Looking forward to reading the skating dress tutorials. I hope you feel better soon.


  2. Yay for sewing again! (Feel better)

    I haven't yet dabbled with My Image – not for any reason, just that there's still an avalanche of Burda, Vogue and a few indie patterns that I want to sew up.

    I'm just not sold on Burda easy. Sadly, the styles that look good on my figure (princess seams, darts and other shape-adding features) tend to not align with “easy” type patterns.


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