Newsflash: January 2013 Burda Preview!

After the fabulous issue that was December I had high hopes for the start of Burda’s new year.  Sadly, those hopes were dashed with the full preview of the January issue.  I suppose after the brilliance that was December it is natural that there would be something of a lull in the next issue.  And January usually is at something of a disadvantage because of the large space devoted to Carnaval costumes.  Even so, this is probably one of the boringest Burdas I have seen in quite some time.  So much so that I don’t even know if it is worth looking.  But, well, for you, dear readers, I will.

So, firstly Burda tries to keep the party going with more “festive” looks.  The colors and fabrics are nice, but the patterns themselves are pretty mundane.
Shirt… Meh.
Leftover wrapping paper dress.
Basic purple dress.
The shoulder detail is nice, but I am not a fan of the boxy shape of this jacket.
The collar is pretty cute.  Otherwise… eh.
Another cowl neck.  Very similar to the shirt from last May.
A nice pencil skirt, but still, just a pencil skirt.
Without the sparkles it is just a baggy top.
Changing the color doesn’t make this any different from  the design from last October.
The Plus patterns are similarly derivative.
No – you aren’t seeing double – Burda has a tulle skirt for all sizes.
I actually like this maxi skirt… but that is mostly due to the fabric I think.
How many times have we seen this pattern now?
Ok, maybe this vest is kinda cool.
But this vest definitely is not.
Just think of all those poor yetis…
Burda also included slouchy loungewear that looks practical, but not particularly exciting.
A nice PJ top.
A cozy cardigan.
Ok, after this week I wouldn’t mind being all snuggled up like this…
The one possibly redeeming section is the vintage-inspired dresses:
This sheer dress is pretty, but not awe-inspiring.
Not a fan of that strap placement…
This dress… This dress I like!
Yeah, ok, this dress I like a lot!
So… ummm… Yes.  That’s one thing I like.  One.  Oh well.  If you can’t find something to sew for yourself Burda gives you can sew something for your man:
Yes, this is a purple velvet jacket.
No, it isn’t in the costume section.
Yeah, I know.  I guess if you have found your prince charming you can now let everyone know by forcing him to dress like one.  Or something.  Look, my experience with sewing for guys mostly involves velvet, sequins, and rhinestones, but I am pretty sure even the guys I sew for wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this out on the street.  Let alone to a fabulous New Year’s party.  Which is apparently where Burda thinks you are heading in this ensemble.
Oh well.  If you can’t admire their brilliance then you might as well giggle shamelessly over their costume patterns.  So, let’s take a look at the BEST SECTION OF THE YEAR – the costume section.
It the Very Hungry Caterpillar!
Please tell me I am not the only one who read this book obsessively as a child.
Am I supposed to know what this is?
It is sort of like when Dorothy is lost in the woods… but not.
Ummm… I might actually like the shirt and corset top.
The owl is pretty cute.
That tree… is downright terrifying.
Sparkles!  Ok, I am won over.
Don’t you want to find five more and make them dance in a circle?
Hmmm… I suppose this explains that crazy man’s jacket.
These costumes aren’t terrible, but I think Simplicity has better options.
The shark is pretty stinkin’ cute though.
Burda attempts Star Wars.
The Padme dress is meh.
Baby Leia is kinda cute.
Darth Vader costume… *giggle snort*
The little Jedi… is actually pretty good.
Burda tells me it is an Ewok.
I see a Wookie.
Ok, um, you guys – I might have to make a Yoda hat.
I mean, seriously, you guys, it’s a YODA HAT.
And that’s that.  Actually, compared to the travesty that some of Burdas other costumes have been (anyone recall those garbage bag people?), these aren’t actually too bad.  The kids costumes are pretty useable.  The adult costumes… well, there are better options from the Big 4, but, on the other hand, these at least are legitimate looking costumes.  Boring, but legitimate.  So, other than that Darth Vader costume (and the tree… and the caterpillar) I won’t be too critical.
In the end, though I might be a bit too excited by that Yoda hat, there really isn’t much in this issue.  I mean, honestly it is like taking a look at all of Burda’s most boring and most repeated pattens from last year, all in one issue.  Which actually makes choosing the top pattern really easy.  Without a doubt, the first Best of BS for 2013 goes to:
Sexy pink dress!
The neckline is interesting, but the dress is simple enough to wear to a variety of events.  I am imagining it in black or bright red.  I can imagine a lot of people wanting to sew this one up.
The worst pattern was a bit more difficult.  Most of the patterns were so boring as to be non-remarkable.  Though I feel like I have already voted this pattern off the island, in the end I decided the BWTF for January obviously belongs to:
The yeti Ewok/Wookie vest!
Oh.  Oh.  I see what happened there.  Those poor, poor Wookies.  That’s cold Burda.  Really, really cold.
And….. that’s what I got.  Which isn’t too much.  For those of us hoping that January would continue the Burda brilliance that has been coming our way since August… we are outta luck.  For those of you who were worried about the lapse of your subscriptions – looks like you picked a good time to focus on sewing from your back issues.  What do you all think?  Is there anything you are dying to make?  Or does this just seem like an issue full of repeat patterns (and not particularly interesting ones at that)?  And, most importantly, who else feels a burning but inexplicable desire to whip up a Yoda hat?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Newsflash: January 2013 Burda Preview!

  1. No Yoda hat here lol, but I am glad that I didn't renew my subscription. I am planning on renewing for February though. I figure after this horribleness there should be something good, right??? Anyway, I think as long as there are a few patterns that I like I am getting my money's worth. And is it really so bad if they have one issue without ugly furry vests?


  2. I'm also glad I didn't renew my subscription. I thought the December issue was great but this is a dreary selection (excepting the yoda hat). The review as ever is a treat, so thank you for trawling through so I don't have to.

    Was there not a yeti/ewok/wookiee/bathmat-type jerkin a couple of issues ago?


  3. I think that man's purple velvet jacket would be lovely as a part of a skating costume (I'm thinking of one of Brian Boitano's costumes), but as non-costume-wear …. not so much.

    Love that neckline on the sexy pink dress!

    Why, oh why, does designers think people want to wear shaggy vests??? Ick, ugh, yuck!


  4. I agree with you, one great dress and that's about it. On a totally separate note I can't help thinking what happens when one of the hungry caterpillar wearers wants to go to the bathroom!


  5. I would fill really awkward in that metallic dress. The purple jacket is almost too conservative except for fabric which is very cool. I do have a thing for cowl necks, but, as you already said, it is a repeat. And those double-layer-lace-no-pattern-required skirts, repeated more than… well. Is some one there is trying to avoid using that merged pattern sheet? You know, there used to be two. And what happened to “meet the designer”? No more designers are left? (sorry, could not help it) And after that teens' wisdom, I can say I miss “editor's pick”, I am. Pink dress is definitely nice and there are “plus size” items which is a completely different story (“plus size” in December issue was a treat). Still, I am not sure there is enough “Burda” in this issue, at least from a preview.


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