Sewing Update Part 2 and a Rant

*Sigh*  Ok, so I am still working to perfect my McCall’s top pattern.  After my latest round of alterations I have the following thoughts and things to deal with:

* The bust area is fabulous.

* The sleeves are a good fit, but there is far too much ease at the sleeve cap after I raised the bust by about an inch.  Raising the bust = taking length out of the sleeve seam = needing to reduce the sleeve cap height/size/length (however you want to think about it).  I thought I had taken enough out of the sleeve.  Nope.  I will need to fix this.

* I was overzealous in removing excess fabric around the waist area.  Far too much.  So much that I now have a 1.5″ gap in the front of the shirt over my belly.  *Sigh*  I am lacking motivation to even finish this version of the shirt…  Though I suppose I could make it with just one button at the bust and wear it over a tank top mostly open.  Or, you know, not.

* I am getting frustrated with this pattern… But I am also going to conquer it dang it!  I am close… And I will make it work.

* Also, note to self:  In the future, when in doubt, go with Burda.  Fit alterations always result in less hair-ripping-out-ness when I use Burda.

So, I am a bit frustrated   But, with luck I can get an appropriately colored zipper and make myself some fabulous pants this weekend.  Maybe that will make it better?

So, that’s what is up with the sewing.  Now, for a rant.

So I know Kwik Sew patterns aren’t necessarily on the top of everyone’s favorite pattern companies list. They definitely aren’t as trendy or stylish as Vogue or Burda.  In fact, I find most of their patterns for every day wear rather boring and uninspiring.  However (and this is a BIG however), I think they are far and away the leader in terms of patterns for lingerie, activewear, and swimsuits.  I mean, yes, Jalie certainly is up there as well.  But I have to say that I have been able to use Kwik Sew leotard patterns for several people with very different body types and, following the sizing directions in the instructions, have been able to get a perfect fit on the first try every time.  So, right now for me Kwik Sew is sort of winning.

Which is why I am so dismayed at the latest KwikSew pattern collection.  I mean honestly, what is all of this crap?  It is terrible.  Now it isn’t that I expect new athletic wear patterns in every release, or even patterns that I want necessarily.  But this doesn’t even look like they are making an effort.  There are barely any women’s wear patterns at all, and none with any sort of a fit.  The last release wasn’t all that great either, but this one is far worse.  McCall’s already reduced the quality of the pattern paper at their take-over, but now I feel like they are ruining the quality and directionality of the patterns offered by the brand as well.  I worry for the future of the Kwik Sew brand.  If it keeps heading in this direction I expect it will end up as nothing more than the McCall company’s brand name for craft patterns.  It is sad as their draft was good and their instructions are excellent.  But I don’t know how much longer there is a chance of that lasting.

Perhaps I am a bit too sentimental since Kwik Sew really were my first sewing patterns (my ultimate TNT – my skating costume pattern – is a Kwik Sew), and I feel like I learned to sewing by using their patterns and instructions.  Maybe it is time for me to move on.  Maybe I should just be glad that Burda and my early experiences with cutting out patterns that ended up OOP during a time when I was going through a lot of weight loss taught me the importance of tracing patterns.  But still, I can’t help but feel a bit betrayed, a little sad, and a little angry.

I am worried that they will start phasing out the great active wear patterns that they do have, and I can’t see them introducing any new ones at the rate they are going.  So I am going to do what I seem to do so well… Stash like there is no tomorrow.  Because, for my beloved Kwik Sew, there might not be.

6 thoughts on “Sewing Update Part 2 and a Rant

  1. I noticed the demise of selection in KS patterns. DH was with me at JA's today, watching me skim through a pattern book, and commented how all the garments look like sack dresses. It seems that they are all trying to oversimplify patterns. do they think we are all idiots??


  2. Oh no! That Kwik Sew collection really is dismaying. I haven't been sewing that long, but I love Kwik Sew. Their instructions are so great, and I liked perusing their patterns and finding the ones that were secretly cool but styled wrong. But I can't find anything here! I hope this is just temporary…I feel sentimental about them, too.


  3. I'm with you – their skating dress patterns are great! I've used 6 different ones and all have turned out great with only very small fit issues. However, they haven't come out with any new styles lately, and their dress patterns are pretty meh.


  4. Those dress patterns would be okay for a seriously plus sized woman. I wouldn't wear them except to garden.

    What's with the unisex fleece socks. That was just…so weird.


  5. Oh snap, I didn't know that they had changed the pattern paper as well! I used a KS pattern to make the bodysuit of my first ballroom gown, back when I used to make them. Their patterns were always drafted well. Being that I don't have kids and I don't plan on sewing those elfin fleece socks, this new collection is lost on me!


  6. I always have huge problems with excess ease in the sleeve cap, mainly because I always raise the side seam to reduce the size of the armscye… and I still don't think I've entirely conquered adjusting the sleeve. Each time I get a little bit further along, but I still feel hugely as though I'm lacking in this area – and there seems to be a lack of info out here on the interwebs as to how to handle it. Gah!! I feel your pain, ever so strongly 😦


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