Sewing Updates – Shirts and Pants in Progress

Ok, though it maybe doesn’t look like I have been doing much sewing, I actually have been playing around with muslins for my next two projects – my button down shirt and my Patrones pleated pants.  I didn’t have time to take any pictures (well, ok, I decided not to because my muslin fabric was super thin and I didn’t feel the need expose my underwear to everyone on the internet), but I thought I should give a quick update nonetheless.

McCall’s 6035


It is a bit sad to say, but I haven’t really worked on this project since March.  I don’t think it qualifies as UFO territory, since I always planned to come back to it, but it is definitely longer than I like to go between starting a project and finishing it.  Anyway, I took the advice of my readers and did a muslin of just the bodice.  It was a much better fit!  I had raised the bust point by about an inch and now the upper part of the bodice is very comfortable.  I will have to take in the front and back seams below the bust and on the lower back, and possibly adjust the length of the bottom of the shirt.  But, overall the fit is looking much better.  I am going to attempt a “wearable muslin” with sleeves in some cheap green fabric I got from a Joann’s sale last year.  If it works out great, I have a shirt, and if not I will have a bit more effort to go through with pattern adjustments.  This is turing out to be quite the process, but I am hopeful that the finished shirt I want to make is in sight though.

Patrones Extra 10-40

I also worked on a muslin for these Patrones pants.  I attempted to translate the instructions (with my rudimentary Spanish skills and a little help from google) but they seem fairly useless.  So I sort of winged it, with plans to get some help from Pants for Real People and the internet when it comes time for actual construction.

As far as fit goes – OMG WOW because it was a really really good fit, straight up.  I traced a 48, but graded the waist to a 46 and the fit was really really good.  I have to take out the tiniest wedge in the center back, and I have added two inches to the length of the legs already, but other than that the fit was really amazingly good.  It bodes well for future Patrones pants, for sure.  I will say that the pleated fronts are maybe a bit poofy on me, but I think if I stitch down the top of the pleat (it looks like they did that in the photograph too) maybe I will get a slightly sleeker look.  Using lining fabric for the pocket bags will probably help to make things less bulky also.  And, I have to admit that I was a bit lax in pressing my muslin – I am sure a bit of steam won’t hurt things either, when it comes time for the final product.  I don’t think this will be the ultimate pattern as far as my quest for the perfect TNT pants goes, but I do think that it is worth experimenting with different styles and colors to add a bit of variety to my wardrobe.

I think I will need to be a bit more careful about making the pockets so they don’t bunch and gap (I need to read through the instructions in Pants for Real People).  I don’t think I made the waistband exactly right either, but I also don’t know if I really care?  I am going to make a few changes and it should work out ok in the end as far as I can tell.  I am also thinking I might leave off the belt loop tabs.  If the fit is as good as I think it is, then I won’t really need a belt.  And since there is some fun details with the waistband closure, I won’t really want to cover them up with a belt anyway.

Other than the lack of useable instructions I have to say I am really liking this pattern so far.  Of course, the fact that I have made pants before is definitely a help, but I am still going to be looking up instructions for fly insertion and double checking my pocket construction.  With any luck I should be able to work on these more this week… though the fact that it is in the freaking 100s has totally zapped my mojo.  It is too hot to function.  I have been napping instead of cutting fabric.  I want to make pants… I just don’t want to bother with cutting everything out.  Sigh.  And with the world roller skating championships going on I might be very distracted (if I can get the video feed to stop lagging…).  Maybe I can start tracing out patterns for my next projects during the warm ups?  At least then I don’t have to worry about being distracted while using sharp and pointy objects.

Upcoming Projects

Ok, so I am planning on doing a skating costume tutorial, but I want to finish my other two projects first.  While I am doing that (because, really, writing the posts will probably take longer than actually making the skating costumes) I am going to get started on my coats and jackets for fall/winter.  Originally, I had planned to go after my teal blazer first…


But I think right now I am leaning more towards a certain wool jacket project instead:

Butterick 5685

I looked at the blazer pattern pieces I was going to need to trace and my brain said “No bloody way!  It is too freaking hot to think about that.”  The Butterick pattern, though it has as many or more pieces, is much easier to trace off.  And it has cup sizes.  So right now it wins.  I am planing on making view A, the shortest version.  Mainly due to fabric restrictions.  Possibly also because I think it is probably more useful where I am to have a short mid-weight fall/winter jacket.  But also, fabric restrictions.  I have been looking at Pattern Review, and all of the finished versions look great.  Even though everyone points out that the instructions are totally wackadoo.  Which they are.  Most non-sensical coat construction of all time.  But that is ok, I have made so many coats by this point I think I can largely ignore them.  After that hopefully it will be cool enough for me to feel like tackling the blazer pattern.  I hope.

Finally, after these I am hoping I will have enough time at the end of the year to tackle my trench coat project:


But if not then I will just have to rearrange some of my sewing plans for next year to make room for it.  Because I adore this pattern and I have plans for it.  Big plans.  As in multiple fabrics stashed to be used with this pattern plans.  So, it is going to happen.  Just not right away.

So in conclusion: I have a lot of sewing plans.  But I am lacking actual sewing motivation.  I blame the weather – as soon as it dipped to the 80s I was feeling it, but now that it feels hotter than most of summer, eh…  I don’t want to do anything until 11pm after it cools off… but by then I am tired and ready for bed.  I also feel like I am struggling along with the projects that won’t end!  I have been toying with the top (and thinking about those pants) for MONTHS.  You would think that would kick the mojo up, but it doesn’t.  I feel like I can’t move on until they are finished, but I am totally lacking motivation to make that happen.  I think I just need to power through them and get it done.  At least, I hope that will get the mojo flowing.  Because having sewing plans but not actually wanting to sew is not fun.  Fall, where are you?

One thought on “Sewing Updates – Shirts and Pants in Progress

  1. It got hot in my area for a few days too, but is starting to cool off. Good thing – I might get back in my non-a/c 'sewing cave'. Good luck with your fall projects!


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