Newsflash – November Burda Early Preview Posted

German Burda has posted the early preview of the November 2012 issue.  While I would have to say that most of the early photos seem a bit blah, there are a few things that piqued my interest…

I like this jacket…  Though that is the most awkward air guitar pose ever.
Basic sheath dress…  But that could be a useful pattern to have.
I like this skirt.
Button down blouse with raglan sleeves could be of interest.

And, finally…


Ok, even if everything else is boring, that coat pattern is fabulous (look at all that piping!  I need to use piping!) so I am already excited for this issue.

EDIT:  The Russian website has also posted preview pictures (the same ones) here.

4 thoughts on “Newsflash – November Burda Early Preview Posted

  1. I'm going to suspend my judgement until I see more. My “Autumn Splendor” classics just arrived. Not as much in it as I'd hoped – there are a lot of variations (length, sleeve, etc) of a few main looks and lots of Chanel style suits.


  2. How is your German? In my experience, when you are looking for an older Burda there are a few options:

    (1) You can stalk Ebay and wait/pray/hope that the magazine will show up. In my experience, if you wait long enough you can probably find it, but it takes constant effort to find them when they pop up. I have Ebay send me daily notifications so I know when new Burda magazines are listed.

    (2) If you just want the one dress pattern you can buy it for download from German Burda here:

    They also have the blouse:

    And the short sleeved dress:

    (3) If the German Burda is a problem, the English Burda has the short sleeved version available for download:

    And also the blouse pattern:

    If you download both patterns you should be able to mix/match pattern pieces to make the 106B style dress.

    Anyway, hope that helps!


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