World Roller Skating Championships – Important Links

The 2012 World Roller Skating Championships are about to get started in Auckland, New Zealand!  You can check out the event website here and the live video stream here.  For those of you lucky enough to be in the area, the event will be at The Trusts Stadium.  Ticketing information is here.

I, sadly, will be at home, madly trying to straighten out time conversions.  According to the internet, New Zealand is 19 hours ahead of the US Pacific Time Zone, so you can go ahead and make your own conversions from there.  This means that, not only do I have to move times, I have to move days…  Ah, my head.  Though actually this works out because I can watch without interfering with work most days, which is good.  I just won’t get any sleep for two weeks, which is bad.  But… it is worlds, so it is worth it.

EDIT:  I have been informed in the comments that, due to daylight savings time, New Zealand is actually 20 hours ahead of the US Pacific Time Zone.  If you are planning to watch online it might be good to double check your conversions before the event gets underway this week.  Thanks lovely readers!

EDIT 2:  I haven’t been able to get the main video link to work, but I can get this link to show the skating, so go and watch it there!

4 thoughts on “World Roller Skating Championships – Important Links

  1. Just had to mention that daylight saving started here yesterday so we are now 20hours ahead of California (assume that is pacific time). Or, 4 hours behind but the next day. does it correctly. The world clock site hasn't caught up with daylight saving yet. Should make your phone calls easier! Lynley, wellington, NZ. (right now it is 5.50pm Monday… And i'm a day closer to the weekend than you are!)


  2. Thanks! I was trying to figure out if daylight savings was going to factor into it and I guess I tried to look everything up a day too early.

    Now I have to make sure my viewing time are set correctly on my calendar notifications…


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