Awesome Library Book Sale!

What is even better than $1 patterns?  $0.50 books!  My sister dragged me to the local library book sale, and I found a lot of awesomely fun stuff:

A book about the process of creating an animated film, and a History of the Donner Party.
Encyclopedia of Games, I Am A Strange Loop, and Encyclopedia of Mathematicians.
A Bunch of Science Fiction Books
And sewing books!  (Of course.)
The Costume Designer’s Handbook covers the entire process from getting a script through final performance.
It has some nice pictures…
But mostly full of informative text.
Inside Fashion Design covers the process of being a fashion designer.
From choosing a color story…
To picking fabric….
To designing garments that sell…
Also, patterns for super cute stuffed toys.
How could I say no to this little piggy?
So, yay, books!  Not that I have a lot of time to read them right now, but I have a hard time resisting additions to my library.  Not to mention helping out the public library in the process.  Win-win!

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