Out with the old…

Ok, so we all know I have been needing to deal with the post-nationals unpacking and cleaning.  Of course, I have been making a lot of clothes the past few years, but most of them have been spending the past few months in a suitcase.  But now I am faced with the arduous task of trying to get them all stored and organized.  My wardrobe has been growing, my closet space has not.  And, well, I will just come out and say it – I am a pack rat.  I haven’t gone through my closet since before high school.  That is a really long time.  Somehow, I have managed to continually smoosh more things in there, but nothing has ever come out.  Until now.  And I have been pretty ruthless.  Doesn’t fit?  Gone.  Got holes?  Gone.  Was gifted to me but hasn’t been worn in at least 5 years?  Gone.  It is refreshing.  I have even been willing to part with me-made items.  So, let me bid farewell to:

Teal coat of doom.
The fit sucks.
The structure is awful.
The finishing is poor.
I am going to salvage the buttons and just toss the thing.
If I make another one I will: (1) Re-muslin the pattern now that I know
Burda fits me better and (2) Just spend the money on real silk because the results
would be so much better than with the cheap polyester stuff.
Polyester Vogue pants.
Fit: good.
Fabric: nasty.
I do not want to wear icky feeling pants.
And, since I sew, I don’t have to.
I am also planning on seriously re-organizing my books and maybe moving some furniture around too. It has been a long time since I felt the need or energy to root through a lot of my older stuff (t-shirts from middle school, yeah, I had those).  So, a lot of work and a lot of dust, but, overall, very worth the efforts.

3 thoughts on “Out with the old…

  1. You are being brave tossing out so much! But the positive is to look at all the room you now have to put new sewn clothing into. I'm also a button-saver from wader's – it makes you feel a little better…


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