Newsflash: New Fall/Winter Burda Envelop Patterns Announced!

The German website has posted a digital flip-through catalog of their new Fall/Winter line!  The Simplicity website is less helpful, mixing in the new patterns with the old, but at least you can order them, if you feel so inclined.

Anyway, although some of these patterns look awfully familiar:
This was in the October 2011 magazine…
And this was from last August…
There are some cute new patterns too:
Fun dress
I like this skirt
This shirt might be similar to some in the magazines, but I like it anyway.
I have a thing for coats…
Yup, it is a pretty serious addiction.
I like the seam-lines on this pattern
EDIT: I double checked and this *is* the same pattern that was my Best of BS for the 09-2011 Burda mag.
I didn’t buy that magazine because this is the only pattern I liked.  But it was too big and I didn’t see a reason to buy a whole magazine for one too-big pattern.  Now it is drafted in me-sizes.  Laziness for the win!
Maternity wear – No, I don’t need it, but it is nice to see a pants option.
More vintage patterns!
And costumes!
There actually isn’t anything I am totally obsessing over in this release, but there are still a decent number of patterns I am going to buy (when they go on sale… eventually…).
Also, in other Burda news, Clio has found out about a “Burda Classics” that will be available in October.  I am jumping in on that one too.

4 thoughts on “Newsflash: New Fall/Winter Burda Envelop Patterns Announced!

  1. I've just bought a load of Burda envelope patterns (I'm bored with tracing from the magazine sheets) and I got three of those you've shown above (the first dress, the grey skirt, and the camel coat), plus a few others. After my Butterick huge dress fiasco I thought that Burda envelope patterns may be more consistent in their sizing. I'll still have to trace because I vary between a Burda 40 and 42, but tracing proper patterns is a lot easier than tracing from the Burda sheets.


  2. I totally agree tracing pattern sheets is a lot easier than tracing magazine sheets. I know some people would argue with me, but I always like to trace patterns, even off of the tissue paper. I also have to use multiple sizes or trace between sizes, and I like to be able to go back to the original sheet in case there is a major problem with my original pattern tracing (usually a Big4 problem more than Burda). I have also had a few of my very early patterns that I cut up, and are now OOP that I would like to remake, but I have changed size and in some cases are difficult to alter because of all the changes I made to the original pattern. Also, since I sometimes sew for my sister, it is great to be able to buy 1 pattern and make something for each of us, even though we are different sizes. I can understand the argument that “it was only $1, I don't care if I cut it up” (although I am well aware that Burdas cost more, even on sale), but when I think about my pattern collection and start adding up all those dollars, well, it is a fairly substantial amount.


  3. The vintage ones are interesting. I remember the looks from when I was young.
    When I wore girdles every.single,day. That nipped in waist requires personal sacrifice, and a waist band.


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