Newsflash: September Burda Preview Announced!

Ok, these partial previews on the German website are killing me.  So glad the Russians are going their own way and posting full previews with garment, model, and line drawing pictures.  Overall I have to say the September issue is pretty good.  No crazy dirndls (well, ok, maybe one), no fuzzy vests, lots of good basics, and a few standout items.  We also get both a vintage and a designer pattern in this issue.

So, I am going to skip over the fairly mundane pants and pencil skirts, the typical boring sack dresses and get right to the good stuff.  Firstly, I thought there were a lot of really nice shirts in this issue:

Button down shirt (bit hard to see with the crazy print).
Line drawing of button down – lots of seams for fitting.
Love this asymmetrical blouse.
Great basic knit top.
Love this knit top with the turtleneck feature – going on my must make list.
I also like this cowl neck knit top.
Line drawing – I like the sleeve ruching and the cowl neck drape.

I also thought there were some good dress patterns in this issue too:

Ok shirtdress (not a fan of the color, but I do like the style lines ok).
Another color blocking sheath dress.
My favorite – a casual dress with pockets!

And, as usual, I have a thing for the jackets in this issue:

Not a fan of the random lapel colors, but I do like interesting shape of this jacket.
Swoon, adore, love!  Super classic trench coat of awesome.
Line drawing for my future coat…

We also get another vintage pattern:

I am not such a fan of this pattern, but I am hoping if this vintage thing keeps up
we might get some sumptuous 50s creation, or a fabulous 70s coat.

In addition to the vintage pattern, Burda is also giving us a designer pattern in this issue:

Basic looking sheath dress, though the use of the fabric is pretty spectacular.
Upon closer inspection the line drawing is fairly interesting and has pockets!
This dress might be worth making in the future.

And, while the plus sized section got stuck with the typical September dirndl getup:

At least we avoided an issue full of these patterns.

They sort of made up for it with a few other great pieces:

Despite mocking this as a “costume” piece, I kinda sorta like the sparkle.
I would wear one.  I know, I have a problem.
Mentally remove the dust ruffle sleeves and this is a pretty cute dress for fall.
I like the lines on this jacket.
But this is the best pattern in the Plus section by far.

There are a lot of other patterns in this issue – basic pencil and A-line skirts, odd-ish capri length pants (for fall, what?), and some really basic coats.  Lots of solid basics, nothing post-worthy, but nothing mock-worthy either.  Which means it is time for the best and worst picks of the month.  And, well, I think this time around they are fairly obvious.  Without a doubt, for me the Best of BS for September is:

Super classy trench coat!

I love this pattern – it is classic, elegant, timeless, with enough details to be interesting, but not so many as to be overwhelming.  This one is totally getting made up at some point.

Now, as for the worst pattern of the month, there really weren’t a lot of options, and I think BWTF award clearly goes to:

Dirndl costume.

So, overall, good issue.  Maybe not quite as good as August, but still, good.  Definitely going to make some of the knit tops in this issue (like, all of them) and that great trench coat (eventually).  I will be excited to get mine in the mail.  Also, this will be the last issue in my year-long subscription, but I really like the issues lately, so I decided to renew.  Getting my monthly magazine has been really fun this last year, and I have to say that, overall I have been pretty happy with the quality of the patterns recently, so I am looking forward to next year.

So, what do you all think?  Are you liking the looks of September?  Or are the looks too simple and boring?  Anything you are dying to make?  And, would the past few months convince you to renew for another year?

4 thoughts on “Newsflash: September Burda Preview Announced!

  1. I can never work out if Burda does a dirndl every month (feels like) because: a) they are meant to be costumes, b) they are celebrating their heritage, or c) they genuinely think women will feel fashionable with heaps of fabric gathered around their stomachs…


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